The Daily Geek: Matt Smith In A Wig, Snooki And Bill Nye On Reality TV, And Giant Robots

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I hope you've got your towels, because today's news just might make you want to catch the next spaceship out of this planet. Welcome to the Daily Geek.

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) and Snooki are on the new season of "Dancing With The Stars" together and the whole world is so, so very confused. Random forces of evil are being blamed for this mishap - but mainly Loki. Everyone on Twitter swears they're not going to watch it. In other news, everyone on Twitter is a filthy liar.

Matt Smith will be wearing a wig in the Christmas Special episode of "Doctor Who" because of reasons. We're not sure if "reasons" stands for "bad life choices" or "wanted to be ginger for no reason" but "reasons" is as good an excuse for it as any. Reasons, guys. Reasons.

"Futurama" may or may not be over. It's probably over. Kind of over? Sort of over? Might not be over? We're not sure. It's like a Schrodinger's cat, except instead of being a cat it is... a show. Anyway, what number series finale was this? Third? Fourth? Seventeenth? WHEN DOES IT END OH MY GOD.


A man in Japan built a gigantic [insert descriptive expletive of choice] robot. This is a normal occurrence for residents of Japan, who are terrorized by giant mechas and mutations on a daily basis. The man is currently 67 years old, and started building his ultimate weapon of destruction when he was 50. Do you think he does commissions? I need a giant destruction machine.

Do you need to know the history of Dracula, the most iconic vampire of the modern age? Well, ask yourself a few questions. Will you be time-traveling anytime soon? Going to southern California? Or perhaps a vacation to Transylvania is in your cards? No? Oh, wait. Are you going to watch that show with the vampires that's coming out this fall - you know, "Dracula"? Yeah, umm, you might wanna read up on that guy. Just a bit. Before he, I don't know, jumps out of the screen and eats you.

Can gamers improve the world? Jane McGonigal certainly thinks so. This interview illuminates quite a bit about her beliefs, her book and her videogame. Interesting read, if you have the time (the "quick" part of the title is a lie).


Are you a fan of USA "Psych"? Yes? Okay, good. Here, have twenty-seven whole lessons we learned from the show. The above gif may or may not be related.

Tom Hiddleston and the Cookie Monster had a moment. It was awesome. Bonding over their blueness is probably the best thing they could have done. I hope Loki doesn't decide to conquer all cookies and bring them under his power next...

So many unanswered questions regarding "Agents of SHIELD"... it's a show steeped in mystery and yet, everyone's excited about it. Hey, even my hubby's excited, and he couldn't tell Marvel from DC if you slapped him in the face with a Wolverine notebook.


Also, we finally know the release date of the XBOX ONE. You know, that console thing that Microsoft is putting out. Everyone hates it. Or something. It's coming out on November 22nd of this year, just in time for the holidays.

This lady wants more superladies in the Avengerverse. Are you listening, Joss Whedon? MORE. WOMEN. We need more cosplay options from the movies. Or something. I don't know. I don't actually care. Can we just let the man do what he wants and hope for the best?

The "Max Steel" movie is being made after all, this time without that wolf person from "Twilight". It's got a new creative team, and... yeah, it might be cool, might not. Time will tell.