Hogwarts House Pride Week: A Spotlight on Ravenclaw


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Hogwarts House Pride week continues with a long climb up into the Ravenclaw tower, and a camp out at the library, because it's Ravenclaw's turn in the spotlight!

The least populous house of all the Pottermore houses, Ravenclaw is a haven for the intellectual elite. Its house colors are open to debate - while some say it is blue and bronze, others say it is blue and white... or blue and silver. We're not quite sure. It depends on the time of day, the day of the week, the direction of the wind and the amount of hippogriff manure Hagrid had to shovel the previous Sunday. The Ravenclaw house is steeped in mystery and oddity, with members like Luna Lovegood and Gilderoy Lockhart being rather prominent. Ravenclaws pride themselves on being intelligent, clever, and always in possession of a small portable library.


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Though Ravenclaws are the fewest, they are very vocal about their house - partly because to them, it's the best house, the house that rewards them for being bookworms and know-it-alls. "Even if Ravenclaw is sometimes tagged as "the nerd house" we are not ashamed of who we are. Being a geek is awesome," wrote proud Ravenclaw @BianDiAngelo on Twitter. "Ravenclaw is awesome! I identify with them because education and reading are important to them," added Ravenclaw @SamaraBear. Those who think that learning, intelligence and a quick wit are the most important in life are those that end up in House Ravenclaw during their Hogwarts days. Fun fact - House Ravenclaw has melted the most cauldrons this week on Pottermore!ravenclaw_crest_by_jimiyo-d4puowk

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Overall, the Ravenclaw house is proud to be nerdy and intellectually superior. They can mostly be found with their noses buried in books, or studying unusual creatures never before seen. The best way to approach a Ravenclaw is slowly, and armed with a Barnes & Noble gift card. Though Ravenclaws may have a "useless bookworm" reputation amongst other wizarding houses, plenty of brave and clever eagles have proven themselves to be more than capable in battle.


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