'Max Steel' Movie Back On With A New Creative Team


Image source: Synthia

Mattel really wants to make a movie based on the early 00's action figure, and they're bringing in some of the minds behind "Thor 2" and last year's "Halo" web series to make it happen.

Back in 2009, "Max Steel" was set to be a starring vehicle for "Twilight" actor Taylor Lautner before he dropped out to be in a half-dozen other movies that were completed between now and then (and the chance to star in the still MIA "Stretch Armstrong" movie). In the meantime, Paramount, where the film was being developed, apparently let the rights lapse back to the toy's creator, Mattel.

Well, the project is back on with an all-new creative team, as Marvel writer and "Thor 2: The Dark World" screenwriter Christopher Yost set to write the script with "H+" and "Halo: Forward Unto Dawn" director Stewart Hendler set to direct a live-action film based on the character and line of toys.

But what is it about? From the press release, which, like the best-worst press releases uses a lot of words to say very little:

“Max Steel” tells the story of teenager Maxwell McGrath and alien companion Steel who can combine special turbo-energy powers to generate sensational superhero Max Steel. The storyline centers on bringing a positive and relatable hero to kids, drawing upon turbo-charged teamwork, laughter and friendship.

The "Max Steel" toy line launched around '99, spawning a pair of animated series (the latest is airing now on Disney XD). From the sound of the synopsis, the series will take a little bit from the most recent animated series instead of the grimly quasi-military bent of the original toy line.

Open Road Films, which will be distributing "Max Steel," plans to have the movie in theaters in fall 2014.