Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Luffy ('One Piece') vs. Sailor Moon


Welcome to the semi-final round of 2013's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!. We're down to the last four competitors in MTV Geek's annual brawl between the biggest and best in characters from anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture characters. Not only will we get a chance to spotlight some of most interesting, most intriguing, or simply odd characters from 2013, but it's also a chance to you to have your voice heard. You know the drill: we'll present the matchup, and you the reader will get to choose which character comes out on top. So which mech, heroine (or hero), monster, or mascot will come out on top this year?

It's a stretchy sailor versus a Sailor Scout as the Battle Arena heads into its penultimate round!

This might just be the match to watch, two indefatigable titans of animation and manga, clashing for the first time in the Arena. It's their never-say-die spirit and loyalty that make us love them, and it's why it'll be all the more crushing when one has to leave at the end of this round.

2012 champion Luffy D. Monkey, representing for "One Piece" was a no-brainer for this year's tournament, although we were surprised at how, like last year, the character's been able to ascend the ranks without too much resistance. The question keeps coming up: could this character go for a second win?

That would be selling Sailor Moon short, though--formidable in her own right thanks to the high profile return of her series later this year. While "One Piece" is the newer series, for Sailor Moon fans, it's got to be great to see the character front and center on television for the first time in years.

Will this groundswell of support bring her victory in the latest round? Or will Luffy once again make it to the final round?

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Luffy VS Sailor Moon

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