The Daily Geek: 'Doctor Who' Horrors In Sight, Zombie Survival College, And Castiel Riding a Burger

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And it's a Wednesday! It's a Wednesday! Let's hope the trickster gods are feeling benevolent today. Here's your Daily Geek roundup.

Castiel on a burger shooting through a rainbow sky is the first order of news today, and oh dear, it is absolutely beautiful. I feel salvation already. Delicious, juicy, cheesy salvation.

Everyone, please calm your mammaries - Benedict Cumberbatch is probably not going to be a Sith Lord in the next "Star Wars" movie... or maybe ever. Legions of Tumblr denizens are disappointed by this development; others are just relieved that BC has yet to enter the Disney Princess category. By the way, Loki totally counts as a Disney Princess.

Speaking of Disney Princess Loki, he is going to get punched in the next movie - by none other than his adoptive brother Thor's girlfriend. It's due to be brutal. We're all very much excited for this glorious and most properly Asgardian display of violence.


The new "Transformers" movie finally has a name! And no, it's not "Trans4mers", we're all quite disappointed about that, trust us. It is named "Transformers: Age of Extinction" and you can read the full story here. Oh, and will you look at that poster. It's all... extinct looking.

Zombie fanatics will be relieved to know that "surviving the zombie apocalypse" is a thing you can learn in college now. UC Irvine has set up an online class that analyzes all aspects of a zombie apocalypse. The class was inspired by "The Walking Dead".

Will filming the "Superman vs Batman" movie in Detroit be a step forward for the struggling city's economy? Detroit is an urban wasteland, and no one is taking my suggestion to turn it into a giant paintball arena and host survivalist paintball tournaments seriously - but will the need for Metropolis to recover on screen result in a recovery for Detroit in real life? Who knows. Do any of us really know anything?


Exclusive photos from Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD"? Yes, please. Sign me up for that. Sign me up for that now. I want this. Will we finally learn why Coulson is not dead? Is Coulson like the Castiel/Kenny of the Avengers 'verse? We can't actually tell you, but we can show you some nice photos.

Speaking of the "Avengers"... here, have this absolutely perfect, flawless, excellent Avengelock gifset. You need this in your life. The last gif is the best gif, and it is also my new go-to reaction gif for whenever people need me to do something.

And... what's this? An interview? Those who are excited for the coming of "Agents of SHIELD" will want to check out this interview with the producers of the show. You know, just so you're aware of what horrors and pain your feels will experience in the coming season.


Isn't this painting of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor gorgeous? Well, good news! This design by Alice X. Zhang will soon be available for sale on the BBC site as a poster. Please excuse me, I need to throw dollar bills at my screen.

Oh, look. Steven Moffat is talking about the horrors of regeneration. Why is Steven Moffat always talking about pain and horrors and suffering? I suspect he's just constantly standing there and watching the fandom burn... because he likes the way it hurts us. WHY DEAR GODSTIEL WHY OH PLEASE LORD MOFFAT TAKE MERCY ON US no but seriously this regeneration is going to hurt, guys. Moffat says so.

While we're talking about Steven Moffat and regenerations and pain and suffering, here is a potentially spoilerific look at what the secret Christmas Special monster might be.


This WIP of "Welcome to Night Vale" narrator Cecil Baldwin (or one of his many faces, at least) crossed the surface of my dash, and I'm in love. It is a collaboration between Tumblr users mengelexemplar and psychocereals and is totally lovely. I can't wait to see the finished version! And now, the traffic report.

In sadder news, Jack Nicholson is retiring from acting. It should be no surprise - he hasn't been in movies since 2010; however, it's still sad. He's been working in the film industry since the 1950s. The cause cited for his retirement is memory problems.

Do you have a spare $500 USD and a desire to experience Metaverse before everyone else? Well, you, my friend, are well suited for experiencing "Half-Life 2" in virtual reality. It is completely and totally everything you ever wanted or needed. Welcome to the future.

If you do not have a spare $500... or any monies at all... you should consider entering this giveaway for a "Legend of Korra" art book, signed by the creators. You'll still have no monies, but you'll have a nifty art book.


That's all for today, readers! Be sure to tune in same time tomorrow for a dose of pain, suffering and news.