Robert Kirkman Offers A Guided Tour Through 'The Walking Dead' Season 4


The Walking Dead series creator Robert Kirkman shows viewers around the prison where Rick and his band of survivors will be holing up for season 4 of the AMC series.

Horses, farm animals, and zombie-killing tools are just some of the comforts that the survivors will have on hand for the fourth season of the hit AMC series, which returns in October. The rural Georgia setting is the first time the characters have been able to settle down and make an attempt at building a community--of course, the big question is what will be the terrible thing that brings it all crashing down?

Fans of the comics know that the prison storyline came to an explosive conclusion some years ago, and while I won't spoil it here, is it possible AMC and Kirkman will want to repeat some of the story beats there, with [redacted] pulling their Master P act?

We'll find out when "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 13 at 9 PM.