Wikia Teams Up With 'Final Fantasy,' 'Lone Wolf And Cub' Illustrators For Crowd-sourced Stories [EXCLUSIVE]


A new Wikia project launches today, offering fans the chance to create stories based on characters designed by some of the Japanese greats in manga, game concepts, and anime. And we've got the first images and character details for the world of "Red Bat" from "Afro Samurai" creator Takashi Okazaki after the jump!

The recently-launched project page (here) will be the launch pad for stories set in the "Red Bat" universe, where humans and vampires co-exist thanks to a vaccination which allows vamps to subsist on artificial blood. In this world, vampires are no different from humans (albeit a little paler), and the two live together as separate species. Enter the CEO, the unnamed head of Red Bat, the company that makes the blood substitute and one of the wild Vanarchists--a radical group dedicated to human supremacy.

"Red Bat" is executive produced by Hiroaki Ikegami and Masao Maruyama of "Trigun" and "Ninja Scroll" fame, however, fans are able to contribute stories for these and any other characters that launch here for the three weeks that the project runs. Each week, a new character will be announced with the artists offering advice and guidance.

Other illustrators on board are "Final Fantasy" illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, "Crying Freeman" and "Lone Wolf and Cub" creator Kazuo Koike, and "Hells Angels" artist Shin-ichi Hiromoto, with the first entry launching today at 1 PM ET.


The CEO by Takashi Okazaki


A Vanarchist by Takashi Okazaki