7 Memes Inspired By 'Futurama'


By Amber Lena

"Futurama" will sadly be airing its series finale today… at least, that’s what we’ve been told. This is the third time the show has been cancelled, so really there will always be hope. However, it seems like they mean serious business this time, so we can safely say the network probably won't change their minds and renew it next month. While we mourn the end(?) of a brilliant show, we're taking this opportunity to look back at one of the most important contributions "Futurama" has made to recent society: memes.

1. “Not Sure If…”


Perhaps the most popular of all the Futurama memes, the “Not Sure If” meme features a contemplative looking Fry and a running internal monologue concerning the stupidies of the world. We found the above one to be particularly apt for the current situation.

2. “I Don’t Want to Live On This Planet Anymore”


This popular meme shows Professor Farnsworth looking grim while surrounded by the namesake phrase. It is often used as an accompanying picture to something that captures the stupidity and/or ridiculousness of others. This meme is rife with scathing social commentary that is often aimed towards “Beliebers”.

3. “Shut Up And Take My Money”



A phrase that has now completely entered every day use, “Shut Up And Take My Money” indicates that the person using the meme likes the topic or idea at hand so much that they would be willing to give it monetary support. Right now. So just shut up and take the money, okay? Also occasionally used sarcastically.

4. “Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad”



The opposite of “Shut Up And Take My Money”, “Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad” is used to express dissent, dislike, and general disgust with an idea, topic, or action. Listen, that shirt you're wearing is bad and you should feel bad. That totally bad pun you just made? It's bad and you should feel bad!

5. "Why Not Zoidberg?"



This meme is used to answer questions... all questions, any question! Because Zoidberg is the answer to everything.

6. "With Blackjack and Hookers!"



A meme used to express discontent, "With Blackjack and Hookers!" is most often employed when the user feels (s)he could make a better version of something, whether that is a TV show, a film, or the Internet. It gained much popularity during the SOPA debates, when users decided they would go make their own Internet... with blackjack and hookers! As a note, the blackjack and hookers are not necessary and have been replaced with things such as ponies, alcohol, and Firefly. This meme has resurfaced in popularity again with the canceling of Futurama.

7. "Does Not Work That Way!"



Used to express frustration at people's ignorance, the "Does Not Work That Way" meme features an angry Morbo. The top line can contain an entire sentence or, more commonly, a single word. Some of the various things that do not work that way: evolution, memes, physics, and life.