Hogwarts House Pride Week: A Spotlight on Slytherin


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by Katherine Erlikh

Hogwarts House Pride week kicks off today with a spotlight on Slytherin House. So, best to get your green and silver everything, and open up the Chamber - we're going to have a blast! And a basilisk, but more on that later.

The Slytherin house is the first Pottermore has chosen to highlight during House Pride Week this year. Despite having a bad rap amongst wizardkind, and the one with the second least amount of members on Pottermore, it has won the House Cup two times out of the three that have been awarded so far (the one other has been won by Gryffindor). Though those who are Slytherin are by far the rarer breed, they are the most prominent on social networking sites and in real life. The distaste and distrust expressed by other houses towards Slytherin in the books and movies has fueled the Slytherin Pride movement for years now. Slytherins are proud of who they are. They are proud of having been deemed worthy of bearing the green, silver and snake. Some do their best to counteract the "we're evil" reputation; others revel in it.


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Most Slytherins are very fond of their house. Though I myself am a proud Slytherin, I went out and spoke to other Slytherins about what made them proud to be a Slytherin, and why they saw it as the best house for them. "I am proud to be Slytherin, where the Great Merlin, one of the most famous Wizard of all time was sorted," said snake Ashley Cutrer, who is also proud of how resourceful and ambitious Slytherins are. "I perceive my house to be one of the most misunderstood houses," she went on to say. "We're not all malicious, filled with ill intent, or immoral." Indeed, you will find Slytherins to be a welcoming enough bunch, if rather apt to chasing after extreme goals. "Slytherin is like a pack, we do what it takes to bring our good fortune to the rest of the group," said Slytherin house member Kyrsten Smith, disproving the Slytherins are Backstabbers trope found in much fanfiction. "My house is my family, and I know there's always a snake to have my back."


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Overall, Slytherin house is a proud and ambitious member of the Hogwarts family. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. Some are cunning; some are dark; some are unorthodox and some are downright Machiavellian in their strategies. However, there is one thing that is absolutely certain - Slytherin House is a formidable opponent, and you should never, ever anger a Slytherin. Who knows how many friends they have on speed dial ready to help with disposal of a suspicious body-shaped package, no questions asked.

Tune in tomorrow for a discourse on the Ravenclaw house!


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