Artist Juan Ortiz Debuts New Prints Based On Classic 'Star Trek' [EXCLUSIVE]


Image source: Memory Alpha

Ortiz pays tribute to classic "Trek" episodes "Court Martial" and "The Enterprise Incident" in a pair of pulp-style prints on sale at QMX Online.


The two episodes Ortiz turns his eye toward here are the season one episode, "Court Martial" and the season three episode, "The Enterprise Incident." The former sees legal drama hit the Enterprise crew as Kirk is accused is negligently ending the life of a disgruntled engineer. It's great piece of drama about the ways electronic information could hypothetically be manipulated.


1968's "The Enterprise Incident," meanwhile, sees Kirk once again in the hot seat after he orders the ship into the Neutral Zone, threatening a diplomatic incident with the Romulans. Oh, and Kirk gets some plastic surgery to make himself look like the Federation's enemies, so there's that.

Ortiz's two pieces are available as prints at QMX Online as well as shirts at We Love Fine. Check 'em out.