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Congratulations on surviving yet another weekend! We are very relieved to hear that the rabid thrash bags haven't eaten you. Here's all the stuff you may have missed this weekend while you were busy fleeing things that you should never have to flee:

It's Pottermore House Pride week starting today, and Monday is Slytherin's big day in the spotlight. You should probably keep your eyes peeled on the "Harry Potter" tag here on MTV Geek this week, as you'll find some... very interesting stuff. Very interesting stuff indeed. In the meantime, the internet is rife with speculation over which house will win the fourth House Cup - Slytherin has won twice, and Gryffindor once. Our prediction? Ireland will win, but Krum will catch the snitch.

It has been one year since Jenna Louise Coleman's debut as "Doctor Who" companion Clara. Look at all these lovely photos of her baking souffles in a suspicious manner. Isn't she adorable.

The original version of the classic "Doctor Who" episode The Tenth Planet was set to end on a very different note, original script shows. Originally, the whole regeneration thing wasn't meant to happen, but happen it did. I wonder if someday, a script will be unearthed where, oh, maybe Doomsday wasn't meant to happen, or Tennant's regeneration  was a lie? I'm still not over that, by the way.

Kick Ass 2

There will be a third installment to the "Kick-Ass" franchise; however, it will most likely be the last one. Mark Millar, creator of the series, is urging for "Kick-Ass 3" to begin filming soon, before stars become too old to play their roles. Oh well, can't they just use a time turner? It worked for Hermione.

Tired of hearing about how almost everyone in the universe would be a better Batman than the Batfleck? So are we. However, this fanmade trailer of a "Dark Knight" and "The Notebook" crossover casts Rachel McAdams as Batman and Ryan Gosling as Bane. In this case, I am inclined to side with the internet - this movie would be fantastic, were it actually made.

Daario Naharis was recast for Season 4 of "Game of Thrones". Michiel Huisman will reportedly replace Ed Skrein in the role. However, despite all the rumors and whispers, the HBO have deigned not to comment.

Loki Thor Dark WOrld Painting

Because your day is not complete without gods of Asgard being godly, please take a moment to gaze upon this painting of Loki and Thor standing in a field dramatically against the backdrop of a sunset. The painting was created by DeviantArt user eleathyra; reblogging it on Tumblr is mandatory.

The cat is out of the bag - you can't use an external hard drive to play games on the PS4. This news puts the PS4 into this week's Most Hated Next Gen Console spot on Reddit.

Upon release of the newest Studio Ghibli film, "The Wind Rises", animation legend Hayao Miyazaki announced his intention to retire. No further details were given; Hayao is 72 years old and probably overdue for a vacation in the Florida Keys. All those wishing to know more should tune in later in the week for a full statement from Miyazaki and/or his company.

A new trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" has been leaked. The sequel so far promises to be as good as the first movie.


Oh, look, Gallifrey, before not fun things happened to it. Isn't it lovely? This fanart done by Deviantart user Rayica shows a vivid and realistic image of the alien planet with two suns.

It has been 40 years since Tolkien's death. The fandom is weeping openly in the streets. He did create the modern fantasy genre, so if you're not weeping right now, you should at least be gazing solemnly at the sky in respect.

So get this, Isaac Asimov may have been a prophet. Not in the Biblical sense, or the CW "Supernatural" sense, but in the "this dude sees the future" sense. Or, maybe, he was just fantastic at guessing - but no one is that good.

While you're here, you'll probably want to take a peek at the interview with "Insidious: Chapter 2" creator Leigh Whannell and star Lin Shaye. You probably won't regret it.

Watch: Leigh Whannell And Lin Shaye From 'Insidious: Chapter 2' On Ghosts

That's all for this weekend - don't forget to bring an umbrella with you today, in case it rains cats, dogs, tigers, lions or dead spiders.


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