MTV Geek’s Fall Preview: Our Most Anticipated Manga



This fall brings some real treats for manga readers: A new book of Sailor Moon short stories, a one-shot manga by “Paprika” director Satoshi Kon, an action-packed historical manga set in Viking times, and even a murder mystery. Plus even more “Attack on Titan”! This is a great time to be a manga reader, or to start the habit if you haven’t already, because there is such a broad range of stories available. Here are our picks for fall:

Sailor Moon Short Stories

When It Hits the Shelves: September 10

The Sailor Moon saga may be over, but fans still have these two volumes of short stories to look forward to. These stories were included in each volume of the original Tokyopop translation, but Kodansha has broken them out into two separate volumes. These make for a nice little intermission while we wait for the Sailor Moon anime to stream live worldwide this winter.


Tropic of the Sea (Kakisen)

When It Hits the Shelves: September 17

Why We’re Geeked: This is the first manga by Satoshi Kon, who went on to become an acclaimed anime director (Paprika) before his untimely death three years ago. Complete in a single volume, this is a story of a beach town where the inhabitants have shielded the mythical “sea people” for centuries, until a resort developer threatens to upset the ancient balance.

Attack of “Attack on Titan”

When It Hits the Shelves: Every month from now until they catch up with the Japanese releases

Why We’re Geeked: “Attack on Titan” was a sleeper hit in Japan and it has followed pretty much the same pattern in the U.S. Why? The story just gets better as the series goes along. In the story, humans have retreated behind high walls to stay away from the giant, people-eating Titans, but the strategy proves to be imperfect. There’s all sorts of interesting politics, a quirky ensemble of Titan-fighting young people, and a hero who is (spoiler!) capable of turning himself into a Titan—but no one knows why. The anime is running on Crunchyroll and Funimation, which is probably giving it a boost as well.

Vinland Saga

When It Hits the Shelves: October 8

Why We’re Geeked: This is a much-anticipated historical manga about a child who was raised by the Vikings who murdered his family—and grew up to become a fearsome warrior bent on revenge. The author is Makoto Yukimura, whose sci-fi manga “Planetes” (it’s about outer space junk men, basically) gained an ardent following in the early 2000s. Kodansha is releasing this as a double-size hardcover (two volumes in one) and adding lots of extras, including an exclusive Q&A with the author and photos of Yukimura cosplaying as a Viking. The series has been a best-seller in Japan and won the Grand Prize in the 2009 Japan Media Arts Awards.

Pokemon Pocket Comics: Black & White

When It Hits the Shelves: October 1

Why We’re Geeked: Gotta catch ’em all! This is the first of a series of chunky, 400-page, full-color books packed with Pokemon gag comics, puzzles, and other activities. It’s just another way for Pokemon fans to enjoy their favorite characters.

Voice Over: Seiyuu Academy

When It Hits the Shelves: October 1

Why We’re Geeked: This is a pure shoujo manga from the magazine “Hana to Yume,” which was also the home of Fruits Basket. A young girl goes to an elite school to train to be a voice actress (seiyuu), but her voice isn’t really right for the job, and there are romantic complications as well.


When It Hits the Shelves: October 29

Why We’re Geeked: Just in time for Halloween comes this chilling tale of a school with a strange secret: When a popular student died years ago, everyone refused to acknowledge her death. Many years later, a newcomer arrives, and soon after, people begin to die. With the help of a classmate, he delves into the past in order to find out what is causing these mysterious deaths. Yen Press, which is publishing this manga, will also publish the novel it is based on.

Inu x Boku SS

When It Hits the Shelves: October 29

Why We’re Geeked: It’s yokai, romance, horror, and a bit of comedy all rolled up into one story. A young woman who has yokai (demon) blood moves into a high-security apartment building where every tenant has their own bodyguard. Hers is the dog-like Soushi, who, while he seems a bit comical, is also her fierce protector. It sounds like this manga takes a darker turn after the first four volumes.

Sweet Rein

When It Hits the Shelves: November 5

Why We’re Geeked: This is “The Santa Clause” done shoujo style: A boy and a girl bump into each other and suddenly find themselves bound together by a rein; just like that, she turns out to be Santa Claus and he is her reindeer. Humorous, holiday-themed complications ensue.

CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices

When It Hits the Shelves: December 4

Why We’re Geeked: It’s a great read and a defensive weapon! Manga seems to get more than its share of challenges, and more often than not it’s the CBLDF who speaks up on behalf of challenged books. This book is designed as an introduction to the medium for librarians and other professionals, but it’s chock full of interesting information that any manga fan would appreciate. Edited by Melinda Beasi (of Manga Bookshelf), with input from legendary manga editor Carl Horn and support from the Gaiman Foundation, it’s a must-have for any serious manga reader—or anyone who might become one someday.

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