The Daily Geek: Superman vs Batman, Gaming and Doctor Who Fanart

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Well, you've made it to Friday - good work! Here's today's Daily Geek to help you get through the last stretch before the weekend!

Bioware revealed the "Dragon Keep" that will allow players to transfer their old "Dragon Age" save files to new systems and new games. This will allow the players to customize the state of the game world in the upcoming "Dragon Age: Inquisition" game. It's entirely up to you how much you import into the game, and you can pick and choose different things. It's like testing the Butterfly Effect over and over again.

In case you ever wanted to be the King of Games, Scrabble is a good place to start. There is even a guide to becoming a pro Scrabble player - if you want to be the next Yugi, you'll need it... and a mysterious artifact with an ancient spirit attached, but that's another story. Try Goodwill for that.

Ancient gaming tokens were found in Turkey recently. They are about 5,000 years old. The rules of the game are uncertain; however, when asked, researchers refused to say whether playing the game or handling the objects would result in your body being possessed by an ancient, trapped spirit of a magician, or whether your soul would be locked into the shadow realm forever if you lost the game.

Doctor Who 11 Fanart

This "Doctor Who" fanart of the 11th Doctor by DeviantArt user The-Longfall-of-1979 is really marvelous. I absolutely love the colors. It is titled, "Through Crimson Stars and Silent Stars".

NASA found a giant canyon in Greenland, buried beneath ice. Canyon is as long (and in some places, as deep) as Grand Canyon. No reports yet on whether this is secretly a giant chasm that leads into an alternate universe and will periodically spew forth pterodactyls, monsters, Chthulu or other assorted abyss monsters.

The second volume of "The Walking Dead" soundtrack is available exclusively at Walmart. This is great news for pretty much everyone, except for people like me, who live in New York City and have never even seen a Wal-Mart in their lives. I'm not going to New Jersey for that. That's the land of evil... and Bon Jovi.

Michael Huisman has been cast in "Game of Thrones" as a mystery character; joins Joseph Gatt and legendary heart-shatterer Mark Gatiss. It is unknown whom he will play, but there's plenty of open options for his character.

downed god

The Internet has been busy; more "Superman vs Batman" fanart is spreading through the web, like poison ivy on the walls of an abandoned insane asylum. This particular work, named "Downed God" was created by DeviantArt user ChasingArtwork, and is absolutely spectacular.

Avengers fans take note - James Spader has been cast as Ultron in the upcoming "Age of Ultron" sequel. Some persons are still disappointed that there will not be any Loki in this movie. WHY JOSS WHY. But, don't worry - Spader is bound to be the most perfect Ultron ever, okay?

On the topic of casting and superheroes: remember when everyone (including us) was excited that Bryan Cranston was going to be Lex Luthor? Well, apparently, that isn't actually happening. Whoops. Mea culpa. The internet had no comment, other than muttering "I am very disappointed" over and over again. We're hoping that Cranston still takes the role - otherwise, all of those wonderful fanmade trailers for the "Superman vs Batman" movie are going to go to waste and we really, really don't want that to happen.

Also, while we're talking about the "Superman vs Batman" movie... it's going to film in Michigan. They even get a 35 million tax incentive to do it! To be honest, we can't think of a better Gotham than Detroit.

Breaking news: Joss Whedon does not know what "twerking" is. Meanwhile, Wil Wheaton's dogs keep eating grass, then puking it back up.

And, today seems like a good day to end with a "Doctor Who" fanart. This one, by DeviantArt user Edrice, is rather lovely, and fits well with the darker, soon-due-for-a-regeneration Eleventh Doctor.


This pretty much covers all of the news for today - come back on Monday for coverage of this weekend, and if you have to wonder which seat you should take, the answer is that you should remain standing.