The Daily Geek: Nintendo's 2DS And All The BBC Sherlock Things

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And it's a Thursday morning, time for the Daily Geek! I hope you've brought your towels - you're going to need them!

Nintendo announced the release of a new handheld device called the 2DS yesterday. It's ... it's a 3DS, without the 3 part. Or maybe it's just been developed through time travel? We're not sure. However, Nintendo intend the 2DS to be specifically targeted to young children (as in, under age 7) and be more durable. It can run all DS and 3DS titles. It's set to be released in October, just in time to coincide with the latest "Pokemon" release.

So get this... all your favorite vintage games, where you can get to the westernmost side of the game map by running off the edge of the east don't take place on a world shaped like a planet. No, good sir, these worlds are donuts. Delicious, delicious donuts. Or maybe coffee cups. Perhaps the "great evil" you are always supposed to destroy is really just a very hungry Dunkin Donuts customer?

Warner Brothers got caught trying to cheat the system on Reddit's /r/movies yesterday. According to the mods, they were trying to use spambots to promote the new Selena Gomez movie. All violators have been banned and WB was given a stern talking-to. Cheating the system is a big deal on Reddit; normally, those who get caught using the same tactics get slammed with a site-wide ban - one such notable occurrence in recent memory being Quickmeme's site-wide ban. A site-wide ban would prevent any URL leading to the site in question from being linked to on Reddit; it may not seem like a big deal if you're not a Redditor but if you are, I don't have to explain to you how catastrophic that would be for WB.

BS0wV7BCUAAoSUd.jpg large

Here's a photo of Martin Freeman getting his present at the end of filming of "The World's End", from Simon Pegg's twitter. Gift reported to be a painting of Benedragon Cinderbreath naked, riding upon a unicorn. Tumblr would have comments, had Tumblr not fainted at the mere thought of Benedict Cumberbatch naked.

It's official - Johnlock is South Korea's OTP. These trailers for season 1 and 2 of BBC "Sherlock" look like an ad for a romantic drama. I don't know if I want to watch a South Korean version of "Sherlock", guys. I mean, the only show that broke my heart more than the SuperWhoLock amalgamation was the South Korean drama adaptation of "Boys Over Flowers". That was pain, man, and I still say Geum Jan Di should have gone with Yoon Ji Hoo. OTP, right there.

Oh, look, it's Jack Kirby's 96th birthday! Join MTV Geek for the celebrations, and read up on a full week of Jack Kirby. You want this in your life. Trust us.

Matt Damon probably isn't going to be Robin to the Batfleck. The internet is highly disappointed in this development, as their jokes have now fallen flat. Damon says it would be strange for Robin to be older than Batman. We remind Matt that the guy playing Thranduil is younger than the guy playing Legolas.

Sandman BBC Sherlock crossover fan comic

Are you fond of BBC "Sherlock" AUs and in need of something to occupy yourself with until the Setlock spoilers stop streaming in and the series begins to air? Well, we don't know when it's going to air... if it's going to air... we're not sure. Point is, you need something to occupy yourself, and this fanmade "Sandman" crossover, drawn by Tumblr user Navydream is it. No worries if you haven't read "Sandman", the story is easy to follow.

If you're fond of the malicious! Dumbledore trope, read this editorial about "The Philosopher's Stone" and what Albus might have been thinking when he effectively set up the trio for a fun romp through Devil's Snare and hordes of flying keys. It's fascinating and highly informative.

And, speaking of the trio and their rule-breaking ways, here's Rupert Grint in a trailer for a movie about punk rockers. I wonder if he's doing it because everyone keeps mistaking him for Ed Sheeran?

If you're getting ready to go back to school, check out this shopping guide to all the nerdy things you'll need for this fall. Army of flying monkeys didn't make this list. We're not sure why.

That's all for today folks - slow day! Be sure to come back tomorrow for more mischief and mayhem, and good luck finding your tea.