The Daily Geek: All Things Avengers, The Man Playing Galaga Found, and Lord of the Rings Tarot

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Summer has come and passed, and many punk bands are settling in for their upcoming month-long naps. But, get this - that doesn't matter, because it's time for another Daily Geek, telling you all the things you didn't know you needed to know.

Steven Moffat admitted that Rose Tyler was a pretty important character for pretty much everyone in the new era of "Doctor Who". Readers are advised to raise their hands if they feel that they have personally been victimized by the "Doctor Who" Doomsday episode.

J.K. Rowling really, really misses Dumbledore. The writer recently confessed that, were she to choose one person out of all the people on the planet whom Albus Dumbledore should talk to, it would be herself. Apparently, letting go of him was the hardest part of finishing the "Harry Potter" books - a sentiment all fiction writers can sympathize with.

Pottermore announces upcoming House Pride Week, which will take place during the course of next week. While we're all very excited about going back to Hogwarts, we should also take a moment to remember when our House's dedicated day is, and dress accordingly.

Students heading back to school this week and the next had best hope they wake up in an alternate universe where one of these ten fictional characters is their teacher. However, we do not advise the use of unauthorized time-space travel devices when trying to reach alternate universes; we hear the fabric of the multiverse gets a little wibbly wobbly if you do it wrong.


Night Vale can be a little odd. While Tumblr is still very much caught up in the debate of whether the mysterious protagonist of "Welcome to Night Vale", Cecil Baldwin, is black or white (as it is never stated), and while the WtNV community on Ao3 and FF.N ponders things about Cecil's nature that we really, really can't repeat in polite company (or at all), I've never actually seen an Asian Cecil... until now, that is. This stunning gif of an Asian Cecil Baldwin was created by tumblr artist eunnieboo, and is absolutely fantastic. The debate may rage on elsewhere, but I think this gif settled it for me!

Years after the first episode of BBC "Sherlock" aired, fans are still finding new things that they'd previously missed out on. A part of me had wondered, how did Jennifer Wilson, the unfortunate woman in pink that provides a vital lead in the case, know to do, well, what she did in the episode before dying? This post on Tumblr explains it, and I must say, now that it's been explained, it all seems rather... elementary.

Those who consider the Ninth Doctor to be "their" Doctor will most certainly be relieved - Christopher Eccleston promised to put in an appearance as the Ninth Doctor in the 100th Anniversary special of "Doctor Who". It's become pretty clear we won't be getting him back for the 50th, but a handful of fans are probably still holding on to those last shreds of borrowed hope.

Fans of the hit show "Arrow" will be pleased to know that a new poster for the second season has been revealed. Viewers are advised to curb their excitement, and to definitely not let it off the leash outside of designated excitement runs... which are, by the way, nowhere near the dog park. Don't go in the dog park. Don't think about the dog park.


Most of Reddit found themselves enchanted by this stunning Iron Man fanart for most of yesterday. There were reports of squealing, screeching, and uncontrollable drooling onto keyboards. This "Iron Man" fanart by DeviantArt user BenWooten is awe-inspiring.

Is that man still playing Galaga, and is it still driving Tony Stark crazy? Well, we don't know about the second half of the question, but we can reliably tell you that the man playing Galaga in the "Avengers" movie has been found - on YouTube. While watching the movie, Redditor zhouluyi discovered that the "Avengers" movie was actually using one of their YouTube channel's Galaga gameplay videos in the movie, without permission or even acknowledgement! Shocking, we know.

Everyone's talking about "S.H.I.E.L.D" these days, and speculation's at an all time high for all members of the "Avengers" fandom. Here are eleven potential plot arcs that the show could borrow from the comic books.

Natalie Portman may not be all that ecstatic about being part of "Thor: The Dark World", possibly because her number one choice of producer, Patty Jenkins, had been fired from the movie by Marvel. Other reports indicate she was more interested in taking a break from acting and staying home with her newborn child. We will never know the real story; however, Portman will definitely appear in the upcoming "Thor" movie.


"Lord of the Rings" tarot cards? It sounds strange, but the artwork on these is absolutely stunning. It is a project by DeviantArt user SceithAilm, who has finished 14 of the face cards so far. A Nazgul as Death is quite appropriate, isn't it? Other cards include Frodo in Shelob's lair as The Hanged Man, Aragorn as The Emperor, and Saruman as The Magician.

While we're talking about art and supernatural things, I am seriously in love with these three photo manipulations of the "Supernatural" trio, Team Free Will, gone steampunk, and created by tumblr user greelys. Nowadays, there's so many steampunk versions of things that should never be steampunk that it feels like a cheap gimmick; it is quite refreshing to see a steampunk version of something that is more than just the original, with a few stray clocks, gears and sepia filters thrown in. A+, good sir.

The "SuperWhoLock" phenomenon has taken Tumblr by storm; while it probably will never happen canonically, we can dream - and dream we do. One such dream crossed my Tumblr dash just a few hours ago, and this dream is (don't click on the link to this dream if you haven't seen up to 5.23 on SPN) the Archangel Gabriel of "Supernatural" busting in while the Eleventh Doctor is trying to take care of some stray Daleks - and then blowing them to smithereens with his heavenly angel mojo. It's flawless and I'm flailing and I NEED THIS LIKE YESTERDAY OH MY GOD WHY IS IT NOT HERE GIVE IT TO ME NOW.

Those who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Batfleck, or are terrified of the Batfleck, should turn their eyeballs in this direction: this fan-made trailer for the "Superman/Batman" movie is absolutely fantastic. The internet does move quickly - possibly because time is different in this realm.

And, while on the topic of fan-made trailers, check out this trailer for a Miss Marvel movie below. You know you want this thing.

That's all for today, everyone. Please note that this is a notice of you noticing this notice. Your noticing this notice has been noted and reported to the relevant authorities. Don't drink dehydrated milk today.


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