Because The Internet Works Fast, Here's A 'Batman/Superman' Fan Trailer


Faster than a speeding bullet, grimmer than "The Town," this fan trailer brings together "Superman/Batman" stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, and the rumored Bryan Cranston to imagine what the 2015 sequel will look like.

We're in a weird point with our blockbusters which are (increasingly) in a "give 'em what they want" phase of filmmaking. Fans complained "Superman Returns" didn't have its hero punching enough things, then make "Man of Steel" a series of infinite punches. Rocket Raccoon is a fan-favorite member of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and Marvel seems to be putting the character front and center. Now we have "Batman/Superman" on the way in 2015 to give a very certain kind of fan that dustup between DC's flagship heroes they've always wanted.

And now we have YouTube user SoylentBrak1 imagining precisely how that dustup's going to go down. Cobbling together a trailer from scenes and dialog from--among other things--"Breaking Bad," "Man of Steel," "Daredevil," and Cranston's turn in the "Total Recall" reboot, it's the kind of pitched, anxious follow-up to "Man of Steel" that most of us have conjured up in our heads since director Zack Snyder's vision of the franchise made it to the big screen.

That film--the one we have in our heads that Snyder will probably give us--will be rough, tough, violent, and deadly, absolutely serious.

So, is this what you're looking for in your next "Superman" and "Batman" film?

[Source: The Nerdist]