Michonne's In Trouble In This Season Four 'Walking Dead' Clip


What’s up with Michonne in the new “The Walking Dead” preview that AMC showed during “Low Winter Sun” on Sunday night? Check it out right here:

In the Season Four clip, viewable above, the badass survivor samurai is horseback and riding up on the newly-fortified prison, which sports medieval-looking wooden spikes and heavy door (opened by raging ragamuffin Carl). At least two walkers get into the holding pen with Michonne, who is still on the other side of the prison fence.

Interestingly, instead of using her sword from horseback, or at all, she hops of her steed and just gets into a shoving matching with the zombies. And it’s one she looks to be losing as Carl grabs a rifle and Maggie presumably runs into her guard tower for the same.

Michonne looks weakened in the clip, and she definitely doesn’t seem like herself. Are the quarters too close for her to slice and dice? It seems like we’ve seen her do just fine in the past in similar situations. Or maybe she’s returning from a mission where things went bottoms-up. Either way, she needs an assist and that horse doesn’t look like much help.

What do you think, folks? Looking forward to the new season?


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