Geeky Back To School Essentials: Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Star Trek, And More!

By Amber Lena and Cecelia Gray

That time of year is upon us once more! Kids, teens, and bright-eyed college students everywhere are heading back to school for another year of learning. For all the fanboys and fangirls out there, this is a perfect opportunity to show off your nerd and be fashionable at the same time. We’ve compiled a list of must-haves for those of a geeky persuasion and broken it into five categories:

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There’s no better way to show off what you love than to buy a t-shirt. Or five. T-shirts are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe: dress them up, dress them down, and let your fandoms speak for themselves.

Top: Boy Who Lived Tee: $25 from Cakeworthy, Great Gatsby Tee: $28 from Out of Print Clothing

Bottom: 4th Doctor Tee: $21 from ThinkGeek, Phasers shirt: $20 from, Wrinkle in Time Tee: $28 from Out of Print Clothing.

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If you want to skip the standard t-shirt and jeans routine, nerdy leggings are a great way to go. Don your favorite pair and a tunic top and you’re ready to face the day. No worries, guys, you don’t have to be left out of the nerdy legwear category—there are plenty of geek-tastic socks for your every need.

Top: Fellowship Rider Leggings: $80 from Black Milk, TARDIS Leggings; $20 from Hot Topic, Alice in Wonderland Leggings: $25 from Hot Topic

Bottom: Batman socks: $10 from Think Geek, Dalek socks: $8 from Think Geek

Picture 3

Accessories are essential to any outfit. Add that extra-special something to your geeky look with a cool statement piece of jewelry, awesome beanie, or geeky sunglasses.

Top: Harry Potter Glasses Ring: $7 at Hot Topic, Hobbit Door Necklace: $17 from CapturedMySoul on Etsy, Mjolnir Bracelet: $21 from Think Geek.

Bottom: Winter is Coming Beanie: $20 from Think Geek, 8-bit Sunglasses: $8 from Think Geek

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Whether you have a dorm room or a locker to decorate, your space wouldn’t be complete with an ultra-nerdy addition. From essential supplies to posters and stickers, there are some great ways to get your geek on. Tip: While stickers are a great and affordable way to give your space some personality, be sure to leave the paper backing on and buy removable adhesive putty instead. The same goes for posters in dorm rooms—getting charged at the end of the year is no fun!

Left to right: Yoda Lights: $35 from, Tetris Lights: $57 from, Spock USB: $25 from, Pac-Man Stapler: #15 from, Sherlock Art Print: $11 from Redbubble, $4 for the sticker.

Picture 5

Bags and backpacks are a must for any student, no matter how old. Pick out a bag that shows off your favorite fandom or obsession to top off your geek chic back-t-school look.

Top: Jump from Paper Bag: $90 from Think Geek, Galaxy Backpack: $45 from Victoria’s Secret, My Little Pony Bag: $45 from Think Geek

Bottom: Shark Backpack: $40 from Hot Topic, Adventure Time Backpack: $22 from Hot Topic

Places to shop: For these nerdy items and more, check out Think Geek, Redbubble, Out of Print Clothing, Her Universe and more. While your local Hot Topic may have once been a shrine to music, in recent years the store has become a pop culture haven that sells many geeky items (including Her Universe clothing). If you geek out over films, be sure to check out the studio stores for your favorite merchandise. sells plenty of cool items from Harry Potter, The Hobbit and LotR, Superman, Batman and more.

Whatever your geeky obsession is, don’t be afraid to show it off this year. Happy back-to-school, everyone!

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