Best Thing Ever Of The Day: Really Accurate Rose and Ten Cosplay

Doctor and Rose Cosplay

by Katherine Erlikh

Since we started the day with a preview of the 50th anniversary episode of "Doctor Who" (or a sentient jpeg, depending on who tells the story, at what time they tell it, and the direction the wind blows), it seems fitting to end it with something similar. This stunning cosplay of Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor in the second season episode The Idiot's Lantern is definitely my absolute favorite thing today. They've got the entire outfits down to a tee, it's flawless! They've even got...


LOOK IT'S ROSE WITHOUT A FACE ON HER. Now when have you actually seen this happen? Never, right? Well, that's why it's so stunning - these cosplayers have really put a lot of effort into their costume.

The cosplay photos were posted on the Doctor Who Cosplay comm by user alcblueyes (seen here as Rose, with alternatecoppa as the Tenth Doctor) back in 2012, but have only surfaced in the internet's consciousness recently. Which, by the way, is a total bummer - to think, we could have had a year of gazing at this wonder! Of course there are also Supernatural cosplay photos on alcblueyes's deviantart, which is totally the way to win my heart. And look at this Pinkie Pie cosplay! It's so cute! I'm not even a Brony! Do love. Do want. Will follow. I don't want to say I'll love this forever, but I'll love this as long as Jack Harkness lives (which is basically the same thing).


Ok, go home everyone, the internet is over.

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