The Daily Geek: Doctor Who 50th First Look, Bat-Cats, And More Of What You Missed This Weekend

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by Katherine Erlikh

It's Monday! Save yourself from the beginning of the week by reviewing all the nerdy happenings of last weekend:

- You might be wondering why a blurry photo of John Hurt, Matt Smith and David Tennant is up there at the top; trust us, so are we. The truth is that a mysterious and untamed (and most certainly not authorized by the Time Lord Supreme Council) photo of a screen showing a teaser trailer for a certain suspicious 50th anniversary episode at the Edinburgh TV Festival has randomly and inexplicably begun taking over the internet. Yes, the photo itself. It has a mind of its own, and trust us when we tell you that we are most certainly not allowed to say what Jack Harkness is thinking about it right now.

- Speaking of wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey business, we'll be getting a Scottish Doctor this time around. Steven Moffat, the lord of lies, mischief, pain and disguise has announced that Peter Capaldi's Doctor will probably possess a Scottish accent. While lots of planets have a north, we are also very pleased to inform you that Gallifrey possesses a Scotland.

- If you possess a burning desire for an exclusive first look at the "Divergent" movie, well... you'll probably want to check out this first look we got at it right before the VMAs. You know you want it. For science.

- Should you find yourself desiring an SDCC exclusive action figure of Boba Fett  with a bonus Han in carbonite, this is probably the place you should look.

- The baffling Batfleck bonanza continues, as the Drunk Hulk demands everyone sign a petition asking for Ben Affleck to show his birth certificate. After all, it would be an absolute travesty if the Batman wasn't American, right? Right?

- Overall, most people still believe that the Batman would be best played by... anyone who's not Ben Affleck. Anyone, but especially this cat.

- In the meantime, Joss Whedon (who is now in charge of all the Avengers he could possibly ever need or want) and Patton Oswalt came to Batfleck's defense. In other, completely unrelated news, the internet may or may not be a sequel to "Mean Girls". And now, the weather.

Misha Collins drinking a Cass

- Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present to you an image of a man who understands how the internet works, otherwise known as Misha Collins. Does this mean the age-old Cas vs Cass debate has been settled by an errant can of Korean beverage?

- Our sources tell us that Miley Cyrus came out of a giant Cylon teddy bear last night. However, let's be honest, geek or not you're probably much more psyched about this happening.

- A man was recently sent to the Nether for crimes committed against humanity in "Minecraft". Conveniently enough, he photographed the surroundings he found himself in and posted them on Reddit for sweet, sweet karma.

- There are things you really need in your life, dear readers, and photos of Peter Dinklage hula-hooping in a gay bar are those things. Trust us.

- VanCon happened, with a ton of "Supernatural" panels being liveblogged and live-tweeted. While the internet awaits transcripts and videos with bated breath, we can confidently tell you that the Destiel shippers and the Wincest shippers are going crazy right now, because a Destiel kiss seems really likely this season. Of course, this has been said about every season ever since, like, season 5... but, you know, hope springs eternal, and the fact that there is a moratorium on talking about ships with any of the people involved in "Supernatural" including actors apparently makes it seem entirely too likely. This brilliant deduction comes from the age-old adage, "if they refuse to confirm or deny or acknowledge that it exists, it clearly must be happening soon."

- Those who desire an Ouya console in their lives may wish to hold off for a while, as the store is far from a perfect experience. None of the games have labeled prices, and the console demands that you provide a credit card before you can play any games on it at all. The 0.05% of Redditors who actually bought an Ouya are highly disappointed; would form mob except too busy upvoting their disappointment on /r/games.

- On this day, in 1997, "GoldenEye 007" came out on the N64. This was an important game, because it revolutionized how people saw console FPS gaming, included a multiplayer mode that could include up to four players, and pioneered a great deal of features that have now become standard in all modern FPS games. It's also the third best-selling N64 game ever made, so there's always that.

- Do you need a dragon curled up in your hand? A tiny, beautiful, jet-black ball jointed dragon that won't breathe fire on you for touching its cup? This ball jointed dragon doll created by Russian artist Cuartosdolls is handmade and one of a kind. Though most of the page is in Russian, if you scroll down a bit there is info on how to order in English, and the dragons can be shipped internationally. Raise your hand if you need this thing for the Daenerys Targaryen cosplay you're silently planning for someday... what do you mean, you're not planning a Daenerys cosplay???

this dragon is a really good life choice

That's all for today folks! Readers are advised to avoid listening to the "Best Of" album by Asia from now until Wednesday.  Side effects of listening to Asia between now and Wednesday involve headaches, unfortunate events, sneezing, bloating, pianos falling, herpes, bad one-liners, tacos tasting funny and upper respiratory infection.

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