9 Epically Geeky Things That Didn't Happen At This Year's VMAs... And 1 That Did!


There's no denying that this year's VMAs were epic, from Lady Gaga's monumental, insane return to performing; to Katy Perry closing out the show with 'Roar'. But you know what they weren't? Geeky. Well, for the most part. Here's nine geeky things that didn't happen at this year's VMAs, though we wish they did (and one thing that made us totally geek out):

10. *Nsync Reunited For One Last Game Of Settlers Of Catan


9. Jay Z Surprised The Crowd, Performing 'Holy Grail'... Dressed Like A Character From 'Monty Python And The Holy Grail'


8. Kanye West Arrived By TARDIS


7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Performed A Tribute To 'Dragonriders of Pern'


6. Katy Perry Sung Her Set Entirely In Dothraki


5. Lady Gaga Silently Protested Ben Affleck's Casting As Batman


4. In A Surprise Upset, Image Comics' Vanguard Won The Video Vanguard Award


3. Backstage, Miley Cyrus Offered Her Opinion On Grant Morrison's Comments About The End Of 'The Killing Joke'


2. One Direction Gave a Lecture On How, Exactly, The Large Hadron Collider Works


...And the one, actual geeky moment from The 2013 VMAs:

1. Miley Cyrus Entered From a Giant Cylon Bear, Then Did A Duet With Beetlejuice



There you go! What geeky moments did we miss? Other than all of them?


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