Batman Casting Round-Table: Is Ben Affleck A Good Choice?


Earlier this week, it was announced that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the new Man of Steel movie Batman vs. Superman due out July 2015. After the announcement was made the internet proceeded to explode with immediate criticism from the masses of Batman fans, many citing Affleck's rather disastrous role in Daredevil as evidence of his inability to play a superhero. Memes were born, death threats were made, and three of MTV Geek's resident geek girl bloggers sat down for a round-table discussion about the matter.

Cecelia: So I guess we start with, how’s everyone generally feeling about Batfleck?

Amber: Batman is my favorite superhero, and as such I take my Batman movies very seriously. To me, no one was going to be able to live up to Christian Bale's performance.

Cecelia: I'm actually not a Christian Bale growly voice Batman fan. People seem to be obsessed with the bad movies Affleck's done but let's be serious, every actor has done bad movies. I like Ben Affleck, he's a really good actor and, y’know what, he's a really smart actor and he wouldn’t have taken the role if he didn’t think he could handle it.

Katherine: While I am not particularly invested in the future of the Batman, I am not quite sure if Ben Affleck is the best guy for the job. I guess he's not the hero Gotham wants, but he's the hero Gotham is going to have to shut the heck up about and live with.

Cecelia: Well what specifically don’t you like about Ben Affleck as Batman?

Amber: He isn't sexy enough. He isn't mysterious enough. He definitely doesn’t scream playboy to me. I mean, did we not learn from the Daredevil film that Ben isn't the best choice for superhero flicks?

Katherine: Daredevil kind of blew.

Cecelia: He's genuinely good when he's in genuinely good movies.

Katherine: But now they give him another superhero movie? Nope.

Cecelia: Okay, well, what are your hopes and dreams for The Batfleck?

Katherine: I am hoping that the Batfleck will defy expectations... or at least not suck too terribly. Out of all the DC characters, Batman was probably my favorite, so if he sucks I'll be really disappointed.

Amber: I hope he is able to bulk up at least. I don't know if I can picture Ben Affleck as a super-muscular stud. I don't now if he'll pull it off.

Cecelia: I hope Batfleck will actually make Man of Steel 2 better than Man of Steel. Superman is just so boring, I really hope having Batman will make the next movie somewhat interesting.

Katherine: I don't think anyone likes Superman. Does anyone like Superman? I don't like Superman.

Cecelia: I like that Lois never notices that Superman is just Clark Kent minus glasses in a costume.

Katherine: How does no one figure out Superman is Clark Kent?

Cecelia: I'm reading the Wikipedia article on Superman right now and there's a couple of explanations apparently.

Katherine: Is one of them "Reasons"?

Cecelia: Actually…

Katherine: Please tell me one of them is "Reasons".

Cecelia: One of the explanations is “But they’re just so different!”, so that's basically "Reasons".

Katherine: This is why I like Marvel better, their heroes are a little more believable.  It doesn't help that Justice League haven't had a decent movie in ages. They really aren't on the fandom radar, not in the way the Avengers are. Perhaps they were thinking that casting a prominent actor like Ben Affleck would make the disenchanted masses more interested in the movie, but I think that ended up being a bad move. Recovering from that will be hard for DC.

Cecelia: That actually seems like the real reason they cast Ben Affleck.

Katherine: It's kind of sad, because he's getting death threats and so much hate now and no one deserves that. Like, I saw someone comment that they'd like to kill him on set in front of his children and I'm just like, “Whoooa there buddy, that is not how you react to the news that someone you don't like will be wearing their undies over their tights for a while.”

Cecelia: If you feel the need to post death threats like that, maybe it's time to unplug the computer and take up something like gardening or leaving the house sometimes.

Katherine: I'm sure by 2015 everyone will just calm down and go watch the movie anyway, then blog about how bad it was because it's a Superman movie and nothing good ever comes out of Superman movies.

Cecelia: I think that’s probably a good note to end on. "It's not even a Batman movie, everyone calm down about it."


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