The Daily Geek: Berserk About Batfleck Edition

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by Katherine Erlikh

Welcome back, everyone, to the "What The Heck Were They Thinking" edition of The Daily Geek!

- Unless you spent all of yesterday under a rock, you've probably heard that Ben Affleck is going to be playing Batman in the new currently untitled Batman/Superman movie. This made a lot of people very unhappy and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

- When we say "very unhappy", we are not exaggerating - there is a petition up on demanding that Ben Affleck relinquish the cowl; as of 8:48 am EST today, it had received 2,188 signatures. Some of the comments included repeated variations of "this is gonna be worse than Daredevil" and "please bring back Christian Bale." Overall, great number of people feel that the WB really needs to stop trying to make fetch Batfleck happen.

- One of the loudest disgruntled voices on our Twitter feeds today was wrestler CM Punk, who tweeted quite at length about whom he'd rather have had as Batman. He also reminded all his followers that "anybody saying anything disparaging about dreamy Ryan Gossling" would find themselves blocked. Apparently, he's a really big fan.

- In the meantime, Hayley Williams from that band that you probably liked back in high school announced that she wants to play Poison Ivy. I'm sorry, Hayley... but I'd prefer it if it were Karen Gillain of "Doctor Who" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" fame.

- ""Wow, Ben Affleck sure was great in Daredevil. I hope he gets to play ANOTHER superhero!!" - Things no one has ever said," tweeted Jared Padalecki of "Supernatural". Earlier in August, rumor had Jensen Ackles listed as a fan favorite for the role of Batman; this rumor being debunked may or may not have caused a great deal of trauma, emotional distress and slight hemorrhaging of the eyeballs to the "Supernatural" community.

- Fictional persons also weighed in on this rather heavy subject. "Were the people casting this movie confunded?" asked the Dark Lord Voldemort, having successfully turned the internet into his last horcrux. "For the first time in history, I kind of want Superman to win," mused The Batman himself, about himself. In the meantime, Drunk Hulk was very supportive of Mr. Affleck's new role, tweeting that had he not been cast as Batman, he would have been in trouble, as "ONLY COOL HERO LEFT FOR HIM WAS WONDER WOMAN!"

- Overall, pretty much everyone seems outraged at this casting choice, with at least five thousand separate iterations of "This was a really bad idea" floating about onReddit, Tumblr and Facebook since yesterday afternoon. However, some express optimistic hopes that Affleck will prove to be a great Batman; after all, wasn't everybody and their mother opposed to Heath Ledger being cast as Joker, and then he was, like, the best Joker of all time?

- Of course, while we are in the throes of darkness and despair, let us view some amazing artwork of Daredevil and Batman side by side, by Jason Metcalf and Jeff Balke. This was most certainly a good life choice, and is possibly best thing to come out of this whole fiasco (except we'll have to wait until 2015 to confirm that statement).

batman and daredevil

- There are things you need in life, and the "Desolation of Smaug" trailer redone entirely in LEGO bits is one of them. Trust me, I'm the Doctor. I know this stuff.

- Speaking of Smauglock, Benedict Cumberbatch dropped out of the cast of Guillermo del Toro's upcoming horror movie, "Crimson Peak". The reasons for his departure are currently veiled in secrecy and suspicious blue mist. The curious-minded will surely be disappointed - there has yet to be any comment from the Cumberbatch camp or the del Toro camp. The Girl Scout camp down by the forest, though, was happy to let us know a marauding dragon ordered a delivery of a year's worth of Thin Mints last week.

- Fans of the "Lord of the Rings" and "Doctor Who" rejoice - according to something Steven Moffat may or may not have said, Peter Jackson really might direct an episode of "Doctor Who" in exchange for one (1) dalek. Of course, we shouldn't believe him - rule number one states that The Doctor Steven Moffat lies.

- Continuing onwards in the "Steven Moffat may have refused to confirm, so it must be true" cornucopia, Mugglenet announced yesterday that Steven Moffat could not comment on whether or not J.K. Rowling would be amongst the selection of noteworthy British writers set to pen timey-wimey short stories in the honor of the 50th anniversary. In related news, we are pleased to notify you that as of yesterday, "no comment" means "yes, absolutely".

This concludes The Daily Geek for today. Remember to not look the mysterious hooded figures in the eye, and that the best way to meet women is to take your corgi for a walk. Just, not in the dog park. Do not approach the dog park. Do not even think of the dog park.


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