Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: 'Blue Milk Special,' 'Dumbing of Age,' And More

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

We open and close this week with some deaths, but they're both treated VERY differently. We've also got a debut, a familial fight, and a pair of webcomics by some old school comic book artists! Also, Steve Perry! (Wait, isn't that seven webcomics?)

5. Blue Milk Special: Vader wastes Xizor!

Blue Milk Special

Rod and Leanne Hannah have been going through the original Star Wars saga, parodying it one strip at a time. They've already gone through A New Hope, The Holiday Special, Splinter of the Mind's Eye, The Empire Strikes Back, and they're wrapping up Shadows of the Empire right now. In their version, however, Darth Vader deals with Prince Xizor in a very... personal manner, before getting reprimanded by Steve Perry. Not the singer from Journey, the guy who wrote Shadows. Although they look strangely alike.

4. Ace Kilroy: Dateline!

Ace Killroy

I suspect more than a few cartoonists over the years have been influenced by Fred Hembeck. In his cartoon form, he was able to interview superheroes from Marvel, DC and more than a few companies that had gone defunct! He went on to destroy the entire Marvel Universe, and then came back a year later to sell it! Rob Kelly was one of those who fell under Hembeck's sway, and thought it would be fun to commission him to do a special Ace strip in Hembeck's signature style.

3. Dumbing of Age: Amber disagrees with her father!

Dumbing of Age

Amber's father shows up after what you might call an extended absence, and he immediately picks up an antagonistic relationship with his daughter. The "money shot" I've pulled out here is actually just the start of things going badly for him! It's okay, though, because it should be obvious even to new readers that he's a jackass.

2. Meh: Baker debuts as a webcomiker!


Shortly after we ran last week's column, Kyle Baker launch his new webcomic, Meh, on his blog. Baker is well-known for great works like Why I Hate Saturn and You Are Here. We're only a few strips in to Meh so far, and don't know how long Baker intends to keep it running, but more Baker in any form is a good thing!

1. Girls With Slingshots: Danielle remembers Gran!

Girls With Slingshots

Danielle Corsetto departs from her regular storyline for a bit this week as she remembers her recently-departed grandmother. While very much not in line with her normal strip, it's a very touching euology with a message to everyone towards the end.


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