LEGO Artists Recreate 'The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug' Trailer


Sure, Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" sequel will be shot in fancy new 3D, but what if it were created entirely out of LEGO?

The trailer includes a mix of stop-motion, CG, and some good, old-fashioned moving LEGO people with your hands off-camera in an excellent recreation of Peter Jackson's next film. Heck, it's got me more interested in a LEGO "Hobbit" movie than its live-action counterpart.

The team behind it is Brotherhood Workshop, who have been cranking out "Lord of the Rings" LEGO parody videos on their YouTube channel, including a recreation of the Battle at the Black Gate and a stop-motion Treebeard. Over on their Facebook Page, the Brotherhood Workshop have posted some behind-the-scenes photos detailing the process of making the trailer. Check out a few of them below:




[Source: Brotherhood Workshop via The Mary Sue]