So Do You Think Bender's Got Talent In This 'Futurama' Clip? [EXCLUSIVE]

Watch: "Futurama" Season 7, Ep. 25 Clip

Bender's beaten master chefs, wrestlers, his not-evil clone. But how will he fare against his greatest opponent yet: a six-year-old girl with a pacemaker?

Find out in this clip from next week's episode of "Futurama," "Stench and Stenchibility."

The seventh (and possibly final) season of "Futurama" is nearing its conclusion. So be sure to check out the latest episodes and let Comedy Central know you're watching.

From the episode synopsis:

Bender participates in Tap-Dance-a-palooza and, in typical Bender fashion, tests the heart condition of a much younger rival tap dancer.

"Stench and Stenchibility" will premiere Wednesday, August 28 at 10 on Comedy Central.