The Daily Geek: 'Sherlock' Season 3 Rumors, 'Supernatural,' And Batman

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Jensen Ackles Supernatural

by Katherine Erlikh

I hope everybody has their towel ready, because it's time for The Daily Geek and if you haven't got a towel, you're going to have a bad time.

- It's a great day to start out with "Supernatural" so we're starting with "Supernatural"... and by starting, I really mean staring at this new behind the scenes photo of Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester during filming of Season 9. Breathe deeply. Let the Dean flow through you.

- It's been quite a day for speculating when, exactly, Season 3 of "Sherlock" will air. While that's pretty much all that ever happens in the BBC "Sherlock" fandom, there's been tons of new dates tossed around yesterday. Sue Vertue recently took to Twitter to refute the rumors that Season 3 would air beginning on January 14th, 2014. Meanwhile, according to the "Doctor Who"-centric twitter @BlogtorWho, we'll be getting Season 3 on January 1, 2014. Other whispers on the net suggest that we could be getting Season 3 on Halloween of this year - although, this seems unlikely, considering they are still filming the darn thing. Basically, we don't know. No one knows.

- The gaming world is shocked to learn today that women play video games and want characters that look like them. It has been a most traumatic and alarming ordeal for the community, to find out that a large part of itself consists of those who lack a Y chromosome. This revelation came about after it was announced there would be playable female characters in new "Call of Duty" game. The world may never be the same again.

- Batman and Superman fans will be thrilled to learn that MTV Geek have an exclusive look at the sketches and covers of the upcoming "Absolute Superman/Batman" comics. However, those who frequent Tumblr have noted that this is a rather awkward name for a comic book, as it implies Superman and Batman are in a ship now. Of course, this leads to the ultimate question - what's the ship name for Batman/Superman? Superbat? It's probably Superbat.

- Benedict Cumberbatch recently did an interview regarding the difficulties of playing legendary physicist Stephen Hawking. Considering the fact that most of Mr. Cumberbatch's fans would be thrilled to hear him reading a page from a phone book, this interview is probably worth a look. Not that he reads the phone book or anything, we just think he's pretty swell.

- Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers would actually be great friends if they met, reports anonymous source on Tumblr. We're not sure what this is but we want the crossover now, please and thank.

- In closing, please have this insanely gorgeous fanart of the angel Castiel from Supernatural by charlotvanh.


That's all for today folks, and remember - do not approach the dog park.


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