'Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Is Going To Be On 'Parks And Recreation,' So Here's Which Clones They'll All Be Dating


One of our favorite TV shows around Geek parts is BBC America's 'Orphan Black,' anchored by the stupendous Tatiana Maslany. One of our OTHER favorite shows is NBC's hilarious 'Parks & Recreation'. Well, guess what?

According to a brief item on Deadline:

In her first gig on a U.S. comedy series, Orphan Black leading lady Tatiana Maslany has booked an arc on NBC’s Parks & Recreation, playing a love interest for Tom (Aziz Ansari).

Commence freaking out now.

Not only are we excited for the supremely talented Maslany to get more exposure on TV, but she has a strong improv background... Which means she'll be bringing the funny, too. Also, we can commence speculation as to which Orphan Black clone will be hanging out with their respective Parks & Rec character:


Tom Haverford will almost definitely accidentally date Cosima


Alison would literally go running Chris Traeger


Because opposites are hilarious... Sarah and Leslie would drive each other NUTS


Helena and April, BFFs

Also, Felix would hang out with Donna, and Paul would date Ann, but we digress. Point is: we're excited, and can't wait to see watch the crap out of this.