The Daily Geek: The Hobbit Production Photos, Gengar Fan Art, And Loki's Perfect Hair

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The Hobbit

by Katherine Erlikh

Another day, another Daily Geek roundup! We hope that you've been staying well and avoiding all wheat and wheat by-products.

- Bilbo might have "a heart lightened by the sight of the sun and the feel of the wind," but what lightens my heart this morning is the fact that "Desolation of Smaug" is one day closer to being released. Very lightened, very much so. The above production photo helps, too.

- While we're talking about Tolkien, check out this photo of Evangeline Lily as Tauriel (or, as I like to call her, "I Don't Think that Was in the Book"). I actually thought it was a CGI image of a random elf girl at first; guess the graphics in The Outside really have improved since the last time I went there!

- Months later, EA is still doing damage control over the catastrophic "SimCity 2013" disaster. They've announced a new return policy - refunds within 7 days of purchasing the game, and within 24 hours of playing the game. This has made many people mad, because they don't like being reminded that EA exists... or at least that's what a scroll through Reddit tells us. However, this is an improvement - EA's previous policy of "absolutely no refunds ever" had alienated a great deal of customers and resulted in a flurry of chargebacks that the company had to deal with.

- If you get replaced on "Game of Thrones," does that mean you've lost the game? While our sources are either not sure, or have facepalmed so hard at that pun that they knocked ourselves out, we do know that the show recast an actor in time for season 4.

- Creator of "Kick-Ass" does interview about the second movie, Neil Gaiman and freedom. We're not quite sure why, but freedom does sound like a whole lot of work.

- This just in: guy in Oakland builds somewhat functional Iron Man costume that looks exactly like the thing used in the movie. While there is no word yet on whether it is capable of firing missiles, flying or transporting itself piece by piece from Los Angeles to Florida, it is pretty awesome.


via Reddit

- While we're on the subject of creating works of art, can we talk about this stunning Gengar watercolour painting posted on Reddit yesterday by user Stickyhooves. I mean, really, it's absolutely awesome. I'm going to go throw money at the screen now, goodbye.

- And, while we're talking about goodbyes: writer Elmore Leonard died yesterday. He was a prolific writer of crime novels, a number of which were adapted into movies. He was a favorite of Quentin Tarantino. He had won a great number of awards for both individual works and lifetime achievement.

- Some people like to hang out and shoot the breeze. When you're Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, and you're hanging out, you shoot... other things. Like arrows, and moving targets. No word yet on whether Sir Ian uses metal arrows that he can just melt inside of his target in case he hits a non-vital organ.

- A school district in Delaware has beaten the record for tallest tower made of Lego bricks. This is notable, because this is the first time this record was held by anyone who was not the Lego corporation or a country. This is a great time to remark that "bigger is better" and nod sagely.

- BBC "Sherlock" fandom still busy trying to deduce whether Sherlock had made the "correct" choice in EPISODE ONE OF THE FIRST SEASON - and the key may or may not be found in "The Princess Bride". Somewhere out there, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat laugh uproariously while eating salad. Oh, and if you haven't watched that episode... don't click on this link to the debate. You'll get a bad case of the spoilers.

- A "Thor: The Dark World" making-of featurette has hit Youtube, and Tumblr's slowed down significantly ever since, as the Avengers fandom launched itself into reblogging endless gifsets of Tom Hiddleston and his beautiful hair.

Now, that's all, DJ... the time has come for me to go to deal with my GISHWHES-induced PTSD. Until tomorrow?

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