The Daily Geek: GISHWHES Withdrawal, Loki Everything, And Music Still On MTV


By Katherine Erlikh

And it's yet another wonderful day in Nerdvana, folks; so tighten your seatbelts, and prepare yourselves - The Daily Geek is coming... oh, wait, it's already here.

- To start things off, there are reports of mysterious, dark hooded figures and a shocking Easter egg being part of the new "Amazing Spider-Man" movie, as shown in the newest production photos. It could end up being a real game-changer, but we'll have to wait til 2014 to find out. The real question is, though, does Spidey still insist on using Bing for all his internet search needs? Time will tell.

- There are also sensational rumors circulating the internet regarding Nick Fury's softer side (and, more importantly, the fact that he has one). Sensational rumors are being spread by none other than Samuel L Jackson, who is probably in the best position to know what Fury's feels are going to be doing in the new "Captain America" movie.

- New poster for "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" reveals the great dragon's eye in all its golden glory, may in fact be Benedict Cumberbatch's own eye. Fans are no doubt eagerly awaiting the reveal of other draconian body parts, such as wings, scales and maybe nostrils. Smaug, in the meantime, probably just wants all of you to stay clear of his cup collection; however, when we tried to phone the Lonely Mountain, he was unavailable for comment.

- "Batman: Arkham Origins" will not require the use of Games for Windows Live, and this is kind of a big deal. No word yet on whether it will require the use of a lasso, batarang or the Bat-Mobile.



- The above gif is actually a stunning artwork of Loki as a rock star, done by artist Farbenfrei and posted yesterday. It's beautiful, magical, and I really wish I could print gifs right now. Elegant ancient god of Asgard, gone dark and dirty and punk and decadent... You can see more of her artwork here, and it's absolutely breathtaking. I am especially in love with this set of two Doctor Who watercolor paintings, which floated up on my Tumblr dash yesterday. Sweet Godstiel, these are gorgeous.

- Indie gaming developers cheer as Good Old Games announces plans to offer advances on game sales to developers. This is also kind of a big deal as GOG is a site with a large customer base, and is the default place abandonware sites link back to for games that, while old, are still not abandonware or freeware. Gamers who prefer DOS emulators to Steam and Origin often purchase from GOG; this is a site that could provide indie developers with a very lucrative market for their games. Please excuse me while I make pterodactyl noises and throw my money at the screen.

- Current Dumbing of Age plot arc is absolutely awesome. Kudos, Mr. Willis.

- Are you a fan of "Once Upon a Time"? If you are, then you should probably consider investing in this handy-dandy, snazzy Season 2 DVD set. They also have a limited-edition Blu-ray, and we hear that's pretty fantastic too. It may or may not come with a free unicorn.

- We would like to take a moment to say "Happy Birthday" to renegade angel of Thursdays and trench coats, GISHWHES supreme overlord and God of Tumblr, Misha Collins. Happy birthday, dear Mr. Supreme Overlord.

- Speaking of GISHWHES, I've yet to accept that it's actually over. I, and the rest of TheFandomLife team have been wandering around in a GISHWHES-less haze, randomly checking the GISHWHES home page to see what the timer is doing (it's run out), what tasks we have left (none, it's over), and what else our Overlord commands (eat kale, apparently). Only 51 weeks to go until the next GISHWHES...

- Please take a moment (or four moments) to enjoy some music on MTV... Geek. I am absolutely in love with this parody, and while it's one of many 'Get Lucky' parodies, it is by far the best "Get Loki" out there.

That about covers it for today, folks! Remember, alligators can eat your children.


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