Once Upon A Time: The Complete Second Season Is A Must-Have For Any Die-Hard Oncer


By Amber Lena

Good news, Oncers! "Once Upon A Time" Season 2 is now officially available on DVD and Blu Ray. What better way to keep yourself occupied until the third season premieres in late September?

The Blu Ray edition comes encased in a nifty lenticular cover that features a sword-wielding Emma Swan when you tilt it one way, and the Jolly Roger when you tilt it the other way. For some reason no matter what your age, lenticular covers automatically make stuff way more awesome.

Inside the case is 5 whole discs packed with extras such as commentaries, deleted scenes, and the ever-important blooper reel.

I have to admit, I was initially skeptical about the second season of "Once Upon a Time." The season one finale left me with my eyebrow raised; okay, they just completely solved the main conflict and then introduced an entirely new one. Perhaps my expectations are merely part of the How I Met Your Mother effect; the main conflict doesn't get solved in one season, it gets drawn out for nine!


However, I was pleasantly surprised by the season. I enjoyed getting to find out more character backstories, particularly in the case of Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin. I definitely find the big baddie characters to be more compelling than the heroes thus far in this series, so I enjoyed the fact that it spent a lot of time with the “villains” (put in quotation marks as really, they all sort of fall into some grey area). Plus, the second season introduces Mulan, and a show can never have enough girls who kick butt.

But of course, the real highlight of owning the second season on Blu Ray or DVD is getting all the extra bonus features. All of the Captain Hook fans out there will be pleased to know that our favorite swashbuckler has an entire feature dedicated to him. That’s 500% more guyliner and leather. What more could you possibly want?

My personal favorite, however, is the “Miller’s Daughter” commentary by Jane Espenson. All hail the queen of geeks! We are not worthy! “Miller’s Daughter” was one of my favorite episodes of the season just because it was so fascinating to get inside Cora’s head and learn what made the biggest baddie of them all so bad (or maybe not so bad?).

The "Once Upon a Time" Season 2 collection is a must-have for any diehard Oncer. Even casual fans will be able to appreciate the thoughtful commentaries and laugh out loud bloopers. Overall, it’s another solid collection from "OUaT."


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