Check Out This Classic 'Dune' Art Commissioned By Author Frank Herbert

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Image source: Omni Reboot

To my mind, "Dune" is probably the most evocative pieces of science fiction ever committed to the page--a universe built on the mechanical skeletons of banned AI, driven by genetically-curated supermen and jihadist mystics in the far-flung future. And back in the '60s and '70s, author Frank Herbert brought in celebrated sci-fi artist John Schoenherr to visualize this universe.

The images are from Omni Reboot, where they recently unearthed this images from the 1980 issue of the defunct science and science fiction magazine. In their piece, they look back at the collaboration between Herbert and Schoenherr, who provided illustrations for the serialized "Dune World" between 1963 and 1964 and again with "The Prophet of Dune" in 1965. The complete "Dune" was published in 1965.

In his images, Schoenherr conjures a shadowy, alien world in the desert planet Arrakis, complete with massive, crystal-toothed makers in the otherwise vast, lifeless expanses. We also get a look at the blue-eyed Fremen, the native people of the planet who aid hero Paul Atredies in his revolt against the Emperor and the machinations of the Guild, House Harkonnen, and the Bene Gesserit. You should really check out the rest of the images on the Omni Reboot page.

The book was adapted twice previously: first as a feature film by filmmaker David Lynch (after Alejandro Jodorowsky famously couldn't get his epic version off the ground) and later as a miniseries from Syfy (with a followup "Children of Dune" mini). In recent years, "Friday Night Lights" director Peter Berg was attached to direct another adaptation of the book, but in the three years since that announcement, Berg exited and there's been little concrete news about who might be take the reins on the project.

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[Source: Omni via io9]


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