The GISHWHES Chronicle: Day Seven


By Katherine Erlikh

A firsthand account of the madness that is the GISHWHES scavenger hunt.

The Hunt Ends in 1 day, 10 hours, 05 minutes and 56 seconds:

“I learned NYC IS TOTALLY DRY OF MEAD AND PASTORS AND THAT THE BEACHES OF PORT WASHINGTON ARE EVEN WORSE THAN I REMEMBERED,” Leif told me of his GISHWHES week so far. To be fair, that’s about all we learned (we also got attacked by a weeping angel).

The Hunt Ends in 23 hours, 55 minutes and 43 seconds:

Status update from Cecelia: “Dried fruit is a difficult medium to work in. #GISHWHES”

The Hunt Ends in 22 hours, 22 minutes and 13 seconds:

HOLY CRAP I OVERSLEPT AND DIDN’T GET TO A SHOOT LIKE I WAS SUPPOSED TO OH MY GOD. But actually, the people I had an arrangement with took photos without me and sent them to me… I’m so thankful right now I have no words like sweet baby Godstiel in a trench coat I can’t.

Also, we finally got ourselves a preacher man so that’s nice, I guess. I’ve put my boyfriend to work drawing 20 tentacles, because his tentacles are nicer than mine.

“I'm relieved I don't have to go yell out Ryan's front door for a lesbian to report for duty. Because, that was the next step,” Kyrsten muttered in the meantime, as Romi agreed to obtain a lesbian for suspicious GISHWHES purposes.

The Hunt Ends in 19 hours, 57 minutes and 43 seconds:

Amanda’s got the kale for only 98 cents a pound; Jenny is on the campus of her university in a suit; Romi is on a beach in Uruguay; I’m coloring tentacles. #TheFandomLife

My to-do list for the next 19 hours involves writing four and a half more chapters, releasing an ancient Lovecraftian horror, making a stained glass window, composing a haiku and building a shrine. NBD.

The Hunt Ends in 18 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds:

Message from Kyrsten: “I'm using shibari rope for teddy bear hostage. #oops” Also, Romi has yet to find a lesbian. What a quagmire…

The Hunt Ends in 17 hours, 07 minutes and 44 seconds:

Email from GISHWHES reminding us that we have less than 24 hours to finish everything. Thanks for that, as if I wasn’t already freaking out. Also, apparently there IS such a thing as a Lion King porn parody, file that under “things I never wanted to know ever.” On the bright side, the team can improvise inappropriate song parodies in 2.5 seconds or less now.