Top 10 Tim Burton-Inspired Tattoos


The images that Tim Burton has created over the years are often odd, but have a beauty to them that some can’t deny. That’s what makes his characters great subjects when it comes to tattoos. So to celebrate the auteur's 55th birthday on Sunday August 25, we decided to count down the best Tim Burton-inspired tattoos we could fine. Whether these fans took his characters as is, or put their own spins on it, one thing’s for sure, these are creepily incredible.

10. Chest Full of Penguin


Mechanical Concept

KWA! KWA! Not sure what his significant other thinks of waking up to that, but we think it’s pretty fantastic. Hopefully they’re a "Batman Returns" fan.

9. Classic Weird Girl


Atomic Circus

Why do we love this one? Is it the beautiful frame? The pop of blue? Or the kitty? Definitely the kitty!

8. Pinup Attack



Take a cult classic, mix it with this classic tattoo style, and get greatness.

7. Wonka Portrait


Justin Mariani Tattoos

Did you think you would get out of a Burton-related post without seeing Johnny Depp? You thought wrong.

6. Corpse Sleeve


Tattoo Pins

She looks sad. But she should cheer up because she looks lovely.

5. Soul Mates


Deviant Art

Another frame? Burton fans sure know how to make their pieces look extra snazzy.

4. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetle—oh no you don’t


Deviant Art

This is taken from the cartoon and not the movie, and it's been done with a twist! Too cute.

3. Mad As a Hatter


Tattoo Artists

All those colors mix with the madness in his eyes!

2. Man’s Best Friend



"Frankenweenie" fans really know how to win at life when it comes to their tattoos, don’t they?

1. Avon Saved My Life


Check Out My Ink

Edward was re-imagined for this one and it couldn’t be any better.


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