Top 10 Tim Burton-Inspired Cosplay


Dressing up as a superhero seems easy after you think of what it takes to pull off a character from a Tim Burton movie. Sometimes you have to look like the living dead and other times you have to make sure your props are on point. To celebrate Burton’s 55th birthday on Sunday August 25, here are the best of the best when it comes to cosplay based on his films. Which character would you dress as if you were invited to a Burton Party?

10. Hair Full of Secrets


Comics The Blog

Don’t let that chick from "Mars Attacks< " too close to you. You don’t know what she’s hiding.

9. Just a Little Off the Top


Deviant Art

It’s simple, but this kid managed to make cosplaying as Sweeney Todd an art form.

8. Full Deck


Deviant Art

The whole gang’s here from "Alice in Wonderland", so time to get our tea on.

7. Child Proof Scissors


Geeks of Doom

This is parenting done so, so right. Wonder if they named him Edward?

6. ‘Til Death



His bride looks a little famished there, but we're sure he already knew that.

5. Classy Bird



Don’t mess with this guy unless your name is Batman.

4. Creepy Crawler Couple



They have a lot less legs than Spider and Centipede did in the Burton-produced "James and the Giant Peach", but we’ll let that slide since they humanized them so well.

3. Little Accident



One of the best characters in "Beetlejuice"! Kudos to the girl in blue, or rather who’s blue.

2. Wonderfully Weird


Deviant Art

We never, ever want to see what this Weird Girl looks like in color.

1. Rag Doll & Her King


Flower Poop, Bloody-Disgusting

They may not know one another, but we’re sure they’d be a lovely Jack and Sally so we put them together.


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