The Daily Geek: Simon Pegg Is Not Ant-Man, HBO Needs More Dong, And More

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HE'S NOT! Is SImon Pegg going to play Ant-Man? No, no he's not. But that didn't stop us from having a little fun.

THAT OCTOPUS LOOKS TASTY! Check out some new pics from "Oldboy."

JURASSIC PARK IV: THE SEARCH FOR A SCRIPT "JP4" director Colin Trevorrow updated on the status of the new movie including the fact that there is not yet a script.

CONGRATS! Check out the nominees for the Ignatz Awards!

STRANGE AND ALARMING! What's the deal with movie fans who hate watching movies?

HOLY HOLY! How great are some of these "Holy Mountain" posters?

KICKSTART MY SHARK! You can help fund "Frenzy," an illustrated novel of "oceanic terror"!

HOW LONG UNTIL ALL MEMES BE MADE BY ROBOTS? This guy created a bot that makes a new "Wire" gif every hour.

MUST READ! Find out why New Statesman writer Sophia McDougall hates strong female characters.

JUST LET THIS HAPPEN, WB! Gina Carano wants a "Wonder Woman" movie done right, just like the rest of us. Now cast her and get the show on the road!

CRANSTON OR STRONG? Who does MTV Splash Page think should don the bald head to pay Lex Luthor?

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA RELEASE DATES! The new "TMNT" movie has been pushed back to August 8 2014.

NEEDS MORE DONG! These ladies have a special request for HBO:

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