Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week: 'Wasted Talent,' 'Questionable Content,' And More

Top 5 Webcomics You Missed This Week!

We start and end this week's list with some extreme reactions. In between are some quieter, but no less significant, moments.

5. Wasted Talent: Revese psychology!

Wasted Talent

Trevor decides to go fishing for the weekend, so Angela can get some work done. Whether he genuinely wanted to have her socialize more, or he was tricking her into staying in, I don't know. Either way, her reaction is perhaps a bit... extreme. Since the webcomic is semi-autobiographical, you might want to head over to see if creator Angela Melick is okay.

4. Questionable Content: Dale & Marigold talk to each other!

Questionable Content

Look, relationships of any sort are hard. There will be misunderstandings and hurt feelings and awkward conversations. But it looks like Dale and Marigold have at least sort of figured that out finally. I have no idea if this will become an actual relationship, but it's certainly a leap of progress for the two characters. Strangely, it's all thanks to the help of Momo and May, the horrible, nasty A.I. in Dale's glasses.

3. Hominids: The return!


I'll admit that I'm a relative newcomer to Jordan Kotzebue's "Hominids," but it seems like these guys have been trekking across this frickin' mountain forever! But now that they're here, Kotzebue promises that the city will be a radically different place than what readers have seen in the series so far. At least enough to warrant spending the next few weeks just exploring how different it is!

2. Love Is in the Blood: New artist!

Love Is in the Blood

Greg Carter has been writing this series since 2008, but he's had to pull in a few different artists to help over that time. He put the story on hiatus back in April at the end of the last chapter, in part to get a new artist on board and a bit of a story buffer in place. This week, the next chapter picks up where we left off, but now with S. Zero handling the art chores.

1. Reptilis Rex: You shut your fat mouth!

Reptilis Rex

William Tallman started Reptilis Rex with the idea of using a previously unknown reptilian race from under the Earth's surface as an allegory for tolerance and acceptance of others, an area that TV shows like Star Trek and Alien Nation have covered before. Tallman, however, took a very different approach, wrapping the idea up in a gag strip. So when former Emporer Krel confronts his slave Snive about his new guise as a human, Snive's reaction is unexpected but long overdue!


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