Simon Pegg Might Be Ant-Man And More Hints From Marvel's Celeb Photo Ops

simon pegg ant-man

Simon Pegg, longtime collaborator and friend of "Ant-Man" director Edgar Wright, has been on fans' shortlist of actors they'd like to see portray Hank Pym (or Scott Lang) in the upcoming flick. There's been no solid info on the casting front until earlier today, when Pegg tweeted the above image during his visit to the Marvel officies. He IS pointing at Ant-Man, isn't he?

Pegg also posted pics of himself holding Mjolnir and hanging with the Hulk, but neither of those images have the actor pointing at the very character that he's been favored to play. So we don't care about those.

Like our old pal Vin Diesel, Pegg chose to tease fans by posing in front of an image of comic book characters. Now we know that Vin wasn't just teasing, he's all but confirmed that he'll be Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy." So there MUST be something to this actors standing in front of stuff social media posts, right?

So we did some digging through Marvel's Instagram and found some VERY intriguing images. Check these out and get ready to flip. Marvel is going to make some waves!

Here's legendary hip-hop star DMC. And who's that in the upper left hand corner? None other than LUKE CAGE!


Here's "30 Rock" funnyman Scott Adsit. And is that The Thing down on the right?


We found this shot of "SNL's" Bobby Moynihan. Could Drunk Uncle be the next Spider-Woman? (she's behind his left fist)


And hold the flaming phone! Are these...people going to be Ghost Rider now that Johnny Blaze has ridden his way back into the Marvel movieverse?





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