Will Adult Swim's Next 'The Greatest Event in Television History' Be 'The Simpsons'?


Will the opening sequence to television's longest-running comedy be the next target of "Parks & Recreation" star Adam Scott's next wildly misguided Adult Swim special?

That's what we're guessing with the teaser image above.

Certainly, there have been other famous brown couches in television history, but none more famous than the one occupied by the Simpson family over two decades of animated shenanigans. And we're betting Adam Scott will attempt to recreate some version of that opening... in live-action!


The first "The Greatest Event in Television History" featured Scott and "Mad Men" actor John Hamm as prickly, contentious versions of themselves developing a big-budget remake of the opening sequence of the '80s detective series "Simon & Simon." Scott's downtrodden version of himself in the 15-minute special returned (along with Amy Poehler as herself) with a shot-for-shot redo of the opening to husband and wife detective drama "Hart to Hart," complete with explosions, skiing, and excitable dogs (the '80s were weird--go with it).

So far, the specials have only focused on cheesy, Reagan-era detective shows, but what if the next "The Greatest Event in Television History" got weird with it?

We'll find out when the third special airs on November 7 at midnight on Adult Swim.