Top 10 Ideal First Day of School BFFs [Back To School]


The first day of school is a daunting task no matter what grade you’re heading into. It’s the day that defines the rest of your year. If you wear the wrong shirt, say something stupid or pick the worst lunch table – face it, you’re life is over. That’s of course, if you don’t have a best friend by your side to make it all better. That’s why it’s important to choose wisely on that first day of school, find the person who’s going to make the worst days fly by. If no one in your school fits the bill, pick one of these geeky guys and gals:

10. The Goonies


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If you get in good with these guys, you know they’ll not only have your back but be a delight on treasure seeking escapades.

9. Bonnie Bennett


The Vampire Diaries 3

She might be a witch sometimes, but in the end she’d literally die for you.

8. Scott McCall


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Who needs a friend who’s all human anyways? Not you. You don’t mind that your new BFF’s bite is way worse than his bite, he’s a good guy to you and that’s all that matters.

7. Phoebe



A best pal and a permanent study buddy? Talk about score! She’s loyal and smart, a total package.

6. Peter Parker



Are you the shy guy? Then meet your new lunch mate and be social outcasts together. Only it’s likely you won’t have a really cool after school gig, like he does.

5. Skeeter


College Candy

Talk about being true blue, this guy’s won’t even judge you when he finds out you daydream about being a superhero that wears his undies outside his shorts.

4. Hit-Girl


Deviant Art

Boyfriend broke your heart? She’ll break his face.

3. Tina Belcher



You bonded over zombie erotica and both have it bad for the same boy, but you get over it by singing loudly to the latest Boyz 4 Now record. Just watch out you don't end up in her erotic friend fiction...

2. Finn



What time is it? Homewo—shut up, it’s adventure time! Class would never be the same.

1. Power Rangers



They find time to defend the city AND never miss class; they’re the perfect friends to get your through school. You’ll have to pick one color to wear when you hang out with them, but maybe you’ll get to meet Zordon if you play your cards right.

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