The 10 Fictional Characters You’d Want as Your Teacher [Back To School]


You’ve shopped for all the necessary items, picked out the best first day outfit and already know where you’ll sit at lunch. The last thing on your list is preparing yourself for the teachers you’ll encounter. There’s always one with bad B.O., two who give too much homework and the nice one whose class seems way shorter than the rest. If only you could have your dream teachers, right? Well, guess what? We picked the ten geek characters YOU want for teachers... Who sadly aren't real:

10. Ms. Krabappel



You don’t want to be there most days; she doesn’t want to be there most days. It seems like a perfect match for people who don’t care a lot.

9. Leonard Hofstadter


Save Point Nerd

He’s technically not a teacher, but he could come in and do a lecture here and there and at least if you got this guy, you wouldn’t have to deal with Sheldon.

8. Walter White


The Lay Catholic

So he might land in a bit of a rough patch and you’ll always wonder what you’re really making in chemistry, but hey: free meth.

7. Mr. O’Neill



You can’t hate a teacher who cares that much. You just can’t. It’d be like hating unicorns and candy corn.

6. Mr. Garrison



While some teacher care too much and some not at all, there are some who fall right in the middle. That’s where this guy…lady…steps in. No matter what’s below the belt, you have to appreciate the sass.

5. Hogwarts Faculty



If you walked into school on the first day and saw any of those professors, um, it’s likely you’d be a freaking wizard so of course you’d want any of these people as your teacher.

4. Professor X


SciFi Now

Like with Hogwarts, if your education messiah was this guy it’d only mean one thing: you’re a frickin' Mutant with powers. At that moment, homework wouldn’t seem so bad.

3. Splinter



Math and science are cool, but learning martial arts surpasses both of those by a mile.

2. Yoda


LA Times

He’s a wise little man who will teach you the force. Hello, only one teacher can top that.

1. Peggy Hill



What beats a teacher? A substitute teacher! That’s right, nothing makes students happier than walking in and seeing a sub, so that’s why she’s numero uno.

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