Matt Fraction Leaves 'Fantastic Four' And 'FF' To Focus On His Pending 'Inhumanity'


Marvel Comics announced today that Matt Fraction will be exiting as writer of both "Fantastic Four" and its sister title "FF", in order to better focus on the upcoming "Inhumanity" event and the ongoing "Inhumans" title that will spin out of that storyline.

Marvel and Fraction re-launched both "Fantastic Four" and "FF" last year, as part of the Marvel Now! initiative, and has garnered rave reviews for both titles.  The re-envisioning of FF as a bizarre superfamily action/soap opera, and the incredible synchronicity of Fraction's collaboration with artist Mike Allred has made it into one of my favorite monthly books – and the interdimensional sci-fi adventure style that Fraction and Mark Bagley brought to Fantastic Four has led to my favorite run on Marvel's first family since the '80s heyday of John Byrne, Roger Stern, and the Buscema brothers.


Fraction's final issues as sole writer of each title will be "FF" #11 (in stores later this month) and "Fantastic Four" #12 (shipping in September).  Industry stalwart Karl Kesel will be taking the writing reins of "Fantastic Four," and acclaimed author (and Mike Allred's brother) Lee Allred has been announced as "FF's" new wordsmith – Fraction has passed along his pre-existing plans for upcoming issues to the incoming writers for them to utilize and build on.

So while I'm sad to see Fraction leaving two of my favorite comics, I'm excited to see what will come next from all this creative reshuffling: I'm a big fan of Karl Kesel, I greatly enjoyed Mike and Lee Allred's previous comic collaboration (on an issue of DC's "Solo"), and Fraction's "Inhumanity" event and ensuing take on the "Inhumans" are bound to be some of this autumn's most exciting reads.

[Source: CBR]