Rocket Raccoon Co-Creator Bill Mantlo Needs Your Help


Back in 1976, Bill Mantlo helped create breakout "Guardians of the Galaxy" character Rocket Raccoon.

Today, this comics great could really use your help.

First off, don't look at this as some kind of guilt trip thing: when "Guardians of the Galaxy" comes out next summer, I'll probably be sitting in the theater next to some of you, hopefully enjoying James Gunn's first foray into the Marvel cinematic Universe. It's cool, it's exciting, but I just wanted to point you to the creator of one of the characters we'll likely all be quoting/talking about and that's Bill Mantlo, who, alongside Keith Giffen, co-created the gun-toting, trash-talking Rocket Raccoon back in 1976.

Mantlo's not one of these octogenarian creators down on his luck because of credits disputes with Marvel or DC (although, as ever, that's a small part of the story)--Mantlo, at a relatively young 61 suffered severe, irreparable brain damage over 20 years ago, and has since been unable to work. Thanks to fans and the comics community, there's been a stream of support through donations and cards, and now's a great time to pass around the hat again to lend a little support to the man who brought us "ROM: Spaceknight" and "Micronauts."

Greg Pak has a great piece about Mantlo's influence on his own career, as well as links to a PayPal page where you can chip in a dollar or two if you'd like to help Mantlo out.

If you want to show your fandom and support comics, support a comic creator who absolutely needs it.

[Source: Greg Pak]

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