'Batman: Zero Year - Behind the Bat': Scott Snyder On Crossovers And More [EXCLUSIVE]


Last week, in an interview with Batman editor Mark Marts we revealed that DC is releasing a series of crossovers set within the new continuity of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year." We asked Snyder about the inspiration and logistics behind the crossovers and more in the latest newest of our exclusive behind the scenes series "Batman: Zero Year - Behind the Bat."

Snyder told us:

When they ask me about doing crossover stuff, my inclination is always, usually, to say no. But what I'll try and do is go over and talk to the other writers and say, 'is this something you'd actually like to do?' And if they want to do it, then I become more open to it and say, "look, are you sure you want to do it, do you have a story? I don't want you to do it if you think it'll boost sales, I want you to do it because you have a story you like.

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Snyder went on to explain how the crossover's bled into titles outside the Bat-family like "Green Arrow," "The Flash," "Green Lantern Corps," and others:

If you read them, you'll get a bigger picture of what's happening in Gotham and all that stuff. They will tie into the series themselves. Meaning, we don't just want them to be standalone, weird things that happen and then they have no relationship that's happening in those series.

Find out more from Snyder in the video above and be sure to watch the rest of our "Behind the Bat" series right here:

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