Check Out These Amazing 'Legend of Korra' Cosplay Pics


by Alison H. Mayer

Well, there's that old adage that a picture is worth a thousands words (gak), but it's certainly true here. These "Legend of Korra" cosplay pictures, featuring Annjela Saet with photography by Andy Ryan, are nothing short of incredible:








It's also worth pointing out that this is Annjela's first cosplay EVER. According to her DeviantArt, she's been into cosplay for as long as she can remember, but it's only recently that she's done her own work. As a newcomer, Annjela's been blown away by the cosplay community's kindness and support surrounding her work, and calls cosplay "incredibly's great to [have] a place where people are brought together through something more than just the show or movie that they're a fan of."

Currently, Angela is working on Peter Parker from "The Amazing Spiderman", Chell from "Portal 2", and Tetra from "Wind Waker", so be sure to keep checking on her DeviantArt for more cosplay goodness!