The Daily Geek: The 'Evil Dead' Bikini, 'Breaking Bad' Theme Played On Meth Gear, And More

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I'LL SWALLOW YOUR SUNTAN! Behold, the Evil Dead bikini. Lovely! Especially that back view. Sheesh.

GLENN OF THE GALAXY? Is this Glenn Close as Nova Prime in "Guardians of the Galaxy"? Some folks think so, others don't. At least we got a look at some members of the Nova Corps.

MUST READ! Check out Marc Tyler Nobleman's chat with Carmine Infantino about who really created Batman.

MUST SEE! Stanley Kubrick's 1946 subway photography from Look Magazine is amazing.

MUST BUY! Noah Van Sciver is selling original "Hypo" pages.

HARMON'S HINTS! How does "Community" creator Dan Harmon break story?

BLOOD AND ICE CREAM! Here's where you can watch a marathon of Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy."

BWAAAAAANG BWAAAAAANG BWAAANG! Watch this guy play the "Breaking Bad" theme using only equipment you'd find in a meth lab (and a guitar).


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