Get To Know Who's Who In Westeros With This Handy 'Game of Thrones' Infographic

Game of Thrones The-Climb

A running joke on our 'Game of Thrones' after-show, 'Cooking With Thrones' was that no one actually knew the names of any of the characters on the show. Loras was "Gay Knight Guy," Cersei was "Queen Having Creepy Relationship With Her Brother," and Tyrion was "Peter Dinklage." Well worry no more, easily confused Thronies! We've got a clickable infographic for you all that boils down not just who the characters are, but also their houses, their relationships to each other, AND where they are at the end of Season 3.

Spoilers, naturally, but if you're all caught up, then it's time to stop calling Rickon by his real name, and not, "Little Stark Brother I Keep Forgetting About":

This Game of Thrones interactive was created for MTV Geek by DJ Miller and Derek Fast with a special thanks to Halloween Express for their help.