Felicia Day Heads To The 'Outlands' [Exclusive Video And Q&A]

Watch: Felicia Day Heads To The 'Outlands'

Want to know what Felicia Day looks like as an animated, 16-bit character? Then look no further:



‘OUTLANDS’ – the new 16-bit saga animation announced for Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry Panel at International Comic-Con: San Diego is taking over the intergalactic airwaves this month! Created by Adam de le Peña (Code Monkeys; Your Dungeon, My Dragon) the animated web series is a new show developed for audiences who love video games, science fiction and little things that hit each other.

‘OUTLANDS’ stars Felicia Day, Doug Benson, Dana Snyder, Adam de la Pena and Jason Sumwalt.


1992. The distant future. A group of misfit soldiers are sent into the wilderness of outer space, in an area known as the “Outlands.” Their mission? To clear the outer planets of any life forms that may stand in the way of building shopping malls and multiplexes. The series pilot episode kicked off as we met the crew of the TITANTIC II (Hutch, Ben, Chubs, Sergeant Skill and MAK) when they explore their first planet with very mixed results, a murder in the crew, teddy bears and beers. The second episode 'Space Sickness' the show continues with the boys flying to a new planet and the discovery of a new girl.


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WHEN: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 10am PT

WHERE: Geek & Sundry Network: http://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry



Q: What was your inspiration behind creating Outlands?

A: We’ve had the concept to do a comedy set in space (with a video games twist) for a long time ago and think we have done a good job in producing a show that’s current and presents a new twist. With the success of ‘Codemonkeys,’ which pulled in 25 million views, the team was keen to get the old gang back together and we certainly felt that there were more stories to be told in this vein and still to be explored, so we got to work… and Outlands was born.

Q: What has been the reception so far to the show?

A: Amazing. Geek &Sundry is the perfect place for the show. And fans of my other work like ‘Code Monkeys’ and ‘Your Dungeon, My Dragon’ have been really supportive.

Q: Felicia debuts in this episode, tell is a little more about her character and what it's like working with her as a voice actor?

A: Felicia plays the character 84 - named because she was frozen in tube 84 and can't remember her real name. She is a soldier. In a very real way she is the only member of the crew with any training. She also can kick everyone on the crew's ass. Working with Felicia as a voice actor is awesome. She has such a great voice. It was really fun designing her character for her.

Q: Are there any other upcoming guests on the show that you can talk to us about?

A: Doug Benson (from ‘Doug Loves Movies’ and ‘Super High Me’) is in the next episode. He plays a character named Doug. Crazy right.