Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Bayonetta vs. Sailor Moon


Welcome to 2013's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, MTV Geek's annual brawl between the biggest and best in characters from anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture characters. Not only will we get a chance to spotlight some of most interesting, most intriguing, or simply odd characters from 2013, but it's also a chance to you to have your voice heard. You know the drill: we'll present the matchup, and you the reader will get to choose which character comes out on top. So which mech, heroine (or hero), monster, or mascot will come out on top this year?


Two moon-themed heroines, one an amnesiac witch with hair powers, the other a magical girl who maintains justice in the solar system. Which one will win?

Platinum Games' Bayonetta seemed like an unlikely (and outright odd) candidate for one of the sleeper hits of 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, besides being a nearly technically perfect character action game, it also introduced the completely bonkers, deity-punching heroine in its title. How can you not think a shapeshifting witch with hair powers is at least a little interesting? After saving her younger self from the forces of heaven (kind of), she'll be back in a Wii U sequel early next year that will have to find a way to up the ante beyond delivering a trans-galactic kick to the bad guy's face in the final act.

Then there's Sailor Moon, the long-running manga-turned-anime which more or less popularized the magical girl anime here in the West. We already know this Sailor Scout is a flashpoint for anime fandom, and the reaction to her impending return later this year in a new animated series has been tremendous. Plus, just a little bit after the franchise's 20th anniversary, the latest 12-volume "Sailor Moon" manga added even more story to the character's canon.

This is a tricky matchup because here at MTV Geek HQ, we all know how much you love "Sailor Moon" the series as well as Sailor Moon the character, but we think she's got an interesting combination given some of the similarities between the two characters as well as the clash between old and new. But it's up to you to decide which character will survive beyond the first round and into the next.

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Sailor Moon VS Bayonetta

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