Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!: Major Kusanagi ('Ghost in The Shell') vs. Gaiking ('Shogun Warriors')


Welcome to 2013's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, MTV Geek's annual brawl between the biggest and best in characters from anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture characters. Not only will we get a chance to spotlight some of most interesting, most intriguing, or simply odd characters from 2013, but it's also a chance to you to have your voice heard. You know the drill: we'll present the matchup, and you the reader will get to choose which character comes out on top. So which mech, heroine (or hero), monster, or mascot will come out on top this year?


Depending on how old you are, each of these was a gateway character into anime: one, a monstrous mech created by legendary manga artist Go Nagai, while the other was the face of cyberpunk in the 90's--it's Gaiking from "Shogun Warriors" vs. "Ghost in the Shell's" Major Motoko Kusanagi.

2013 is the year that we revisit the cybernetically-enhanced Major, thanks to her reintroduction in the four-part OAV, "Ghost in the Shell: Arise." The new series gives her an almost "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"-style reimaging, as this hacker/investigator is drawn into a deeper conspiracy while searching for a murderer in 2027 Newport City. It's a bit of a tweak from the tough-as-nails, combat-ready Kusanagi introduced in Masamune Shirow's anime and later brought to the screen thanks to Mamorou Oshii's 1995 animated feature. Between her attitude, determination, and ability to break your average criminal in two, the Major is one of the most fearsome challengers we have in this year's Arena.

But can she withstand the towering might of Gaiking? Sure, Dr. Daimonji's Super Robot might have fallen off the radar over the years, but this distinctive mech with the face on its chest is, for some anime fans, one of their first anime memories. A defender of Earth, he was one of the first robotic planetary defenders to make the jump from the small screens of Japan to those in the U.S. under the title "Shogun Warriors," and recently, "The Walking Dead" producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed her involvement with a live-action pitch to bring Gaiking to the big screen here in the U.S.

Which of these challengers will win? The steely-eyed cybercop or the literally-made-of-steel defender of the planet?

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Major Kusanagi VS Gaiking

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